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-LP (red vinyl)
1978 (Attic)

"...nasty hits of musical attitude. Good luck finding those records..." - Tim Murphy

"Vulgar, derivative, flamboyantly gay and often idiotic, the Electric Chairs were pretty much everything you could want in a rock and roll band." -

"I think the original idea was to be a trashy Punk rock n' roll band, centred around Wayne's unique performances with a deliberate sense of humour, and things developed on from there. There was humour in the music too, and occasionally the general humour got misread, leading to a few wild scenes and some moral indignation. From what I remember from the vast majority of gigs (especially through '77 ) and based on the wild responses of the audiences at that time, a good 'Chairs gig' had the potential to transcend that 'novelty' band tag Bollocks". - JJ Johnson

"Treading the boards for the first time in the 1960's, doing impersonations of Cher, Dusty Springfield and Janis Joplin, Wayne County was causing a stir in America long before he hit the UK punk scene with a vengeance in 1977. In just two years Wayne and his band The Electric Chairs released three full albums, several singles and the notorious "Blatantly Offenzive" EP.

But for once there was more to this "punk" act than a mere desire to shock and outrage, many of Wayne's songs reflected the inner hurt and anguish caused by his explicit transexuality.
By the end of the decade Wayne had begun a full sex change to emerge as Jayne County.." - RPM

"If punk meant being yourself and standing up for yourself and what you believed in then Wayne/Jayne was one of the most honest exponents. Whatever label you put on it he stood up for what he believed in and had the guts to confront prejudice be it musical or sexual and do what he wanted to do...

Having played to rednecks as a cross dresser, worked smaller clubs for years and hospitalised ex wrestler Dick Manitoba from the Dictators with a mike stand after being heckled, the London punk scene held no qualms for Wayne. But then again he needn't have worried. His outrageous stage act and lyrics coincided perfectly with the nascent punk scene and swapping Max's and CBGB's for The Roxy Club and Vortex was no big deal. Along with the Heartbreakers and to a lesser extent Cherry Vanilla, Wayne County & The Electric Chairs were the Americans in residence bringing fun, energetic stage shows and history with them." - Punk77

"It's hard curbing my enthusiasm for this album...Influences abound here...'If you don't want to fuck me baby well baby fuck off...Yes indeed! While the music sounds like some boogie woogie tune till the ramalama punk ending kicks in the lyrics and obscenity are pure over the top punk...Eddie & Sheena starts off as tongue in cheek 50's rock'n'roll ballad...Blues, quite strongly, and even doo wop show their faces, 28" Model T being a hilarious vocal harmony number about The one group written song is Big Black Window that slides along supported by a crawling bass riff...Toilet Love about some dodgy S&M club in New York and a gratuitous Mean Muthafuckin Man. Nice version of Night Time tho! Blatently offensive is an apt description!...On The Crest,it's an excellent out and out punk rocker and recommended!...Wayne turns fearsome for Rockn'n'Roll Resurrection, about dead rock'n'rollers like Hendrix, Joplin and Brian Jones 'Rock me Jesus/roll me lord/ wash me in the blood of rock'n'roll'... Squeezer Jools Holland appears on Hot Blood, adding slick bar room piano backing......Val Haller - Bass & JJ Johnson - Drums really know their stuff, always spot on on all the songs...Cook is perhaps the main ingredient always keeping a grip on riffs but also making space for solos and hooks...this band have humour (and) skill..." - Pete Maggs Summer Salt No3 Fanzine 1978

"None of County's albums were ever released in his/her native country of United States, except for three songs on the very early punk compilation, Max's Kansas City." - wikipedia

Wayne County - Vocals
Greg Van Cook - Guitar
Val Haller - Bass
JJ Johnson - Drums

F*** Off
Night Time
Eddie & Sheena
Bad In Bed
Hot Blood
Out Of Control
Toilet Love
Mean Mutha F***in' Man
On The Crest
Big Black Window
Take It
Rock & Roll Resurrection

Download (256 kb, 75 MB)

Ravenhead sent a link of "backcover of a best of Album, here´s the cool, rare, original 'Eddie & Sheena' - COMIC !!!" -..................... thanks

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1982 (ROIR)

"Legendary 1982 NY tape comp. on ROIR tapes, first bootlegged to vinyl, then rereleased legally on LP and CD. Punk rock and early hardcore, mostly taken from old 7"s. Most of this stuff is pretty good; just get it." - FLEX!

"Put down the magazine and go buy this. NOW!

For those of you in my demographic (I think it’s recently changed from 29-34 to 30-36, since people are getting older, but still religiously listening to punk rock), you should have a couple of the original ROIR (Reachout International Records) cassette-only releases from way back in the dark ages of 1983 or thereabouts. Me, I have two of them: The Dickies We Aren’t the World and the Fleshtones. In recent years, oh say over the last eight or so, ROIR decided to re-release these collections on CD. This is an incredible gift to the world of punk rock, as cassettes have a way of disappearing, and the chances of someone finding one today are very rare, unless you scour the yard sales and used music stores with a fine-toothed comb.

Most of these recordings are obscure studio out-takes that really were good enough for an album, but were shelved for one reason or another; live recordings that otherwise would never have made it to vinyl (or tape) or collected singles from great bands that didn’t have the good fortune of starting out in the mid-1990s, when everyone has a recording deal.

New York Thrash, originally released in 1982, features the heart of the New York City (natives or punk emigrants) pre-crossover punk-hardcore era, bands that were heavily influenced by the ’77 punks, actually were ’77 and pre-’77 punks, or simply picked up a guitar and tried to ape the Sex Pistols and Ramones after hearing a couple of songs on the excellent college radio stations or the punk/New Wave mainstay, WLIR, in the area at the time (that time has since gone, folks -- R.I.P.). New York Thrash features bands like the Mad, Kraut (does anyone who isn’t under 30 know who Kraut were? Hello!), Heart Attack, the Undead, and the mighty, mighty Adrenalin O.D. You’ll also find bands such as Fiends, the Nihilistics, Even Worse, the False Prophets, the Bad Brains, the Stimulators, and believe it or not, the wet-behind-the-ears Beastie Boys.

Why this collection is important to own should be more than obvious: here is genuine punk rock, serious vintage punk. To some it might sound dated, why? Easy: it sounds too punk. Too punk for folks who think the whole “alternative” music happening just appeared out of nothing in 1992.

It’s important for everyone who reads Ink 19 to own a copy of New York Thrash, because you need to understand what really was going on in the early 1980s. If you’re watching TV and seeing those retarded ads for 1980s collections, you’ll think the entire world was hooked on shit like Frankie Goes to Hollywood or Culture Club. The truth is those bands were as corporate as they come, just like the “alternative” (is that term fucking meaningful any more?) crap we’ve had to endure since radio discovered the huge market of disgruntled 1990s kids. Sure, some of that “new wave” crap was pretty good, but when I heard real punk rock and hardcore, it did something to me; I was overcome by an incredible, liberating feeling. This is the music that spoke for me then and speaks for me now. (I bought my first leather jacket, when? I’ll tell you when: a year and a half ago! I was 34! You spoiled teenage brats with your rich parents who shower you with the money to get your damned tattoos and “punk” costumes, and pick you up after a “punk” show in 1998 better buy this, and you’d better like it and seek out the rest of the albums, if they’re collector’s items, steal them, make tapes and circulate the tapes all over the country.) If it doesn’t speak for you now, and if you consider yourself a punk, die." - David Lee Beowulf

01. THE MAD "I Hate Music"
02. KRAUT "Getaway"
03. HEART ATTACK "Shotgun"
04. UNDEAD "Social Reason"
05. ADRENALIN OD "New Year's Eve"
06. EVEN WORSE "Illusion Won Again"
07. FIENDS "Cry Now"
08. NIHILISTICS "Here and Now"
09. UNDEAD "Nightmare"
10. FALSE PROPHETS "Taxidermist"
11. BAD BRAINS "Regulator"
12. BEASTIE BOYS "Riot Fight"
13. NIHILISTICS "Love and Kisses"
14. FIENDS "Asian White"
15. KRAUT "Last Chance"
16. EVEN WORSE "Emptying the Madhouse"
17. ADRENALIN OD "Paul's Not Home"
18. FALSE PROPHETS "Scorched Earth"
19. HEART ATTACK "God is Dead"
20. THE MAD "The Hell"
21. BAD BRAINS "Big Takeover"
22. BEASTIE BOYS "Beastie"

Download (192 kbs, 69 Mb)

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The PISS UPS (Canada)

- FM Broadcast
2007 (bootleg)

"From East Van, the Piss Ups! three members of (formerly) the Jaded Jinas. Dark, fuzzy punk-rock-n-roll with trashy vocals to suit every taste!" - Piss Ups website

"sexy, vicious grungery" - Deena Cox

Weapon of Mass Destruction
: Bass
Voted Most Likely To: Bury you in her backyard.
Bastard Daughter of: Robert Smith. Even though I'm almost as old as him.
People Most admired: Robert Smith. Albert Camus. Chomsky.
Favorite Saying: It's better to fuck up than fade away.
Most Jaded Lyric: Because my vagina is a lady and she knows what she likes.
Pet Peeve: Right now it's pretty much guys in general.
Breakfast of Champions: Beer. I don't do breakfast.
Band Class Instrument: The flute. Then I got piercings and I couldn't blow through the holes. It totally fucks up the sound.
Most Memorable Jaded Jinas Moment: We played a show (in Calgary) and after the show I went into the bathroom and burst in on this girl masturbating. If you're masturbating in a bathroom stall you should lock the door. She was all, "You guys are so fucking hot!" It's nice to know we can make people masturbate. That's my goal. World Domination through masturbation.
Whose Sausage Would You Like To Smash: 'Cause my vagina is a lady and she knows what she likes!
Best Advice: Guys fucking suck.

Weapon of Mass Destruction: Vocals, guitar

Voted Most Likely To: Lead the next feminist revolution
Bastard Daughter of: Syl Sylvain (New York Dolls).
People Most Admired: Jennifer Finch (L7). Texas Terri. Women who can fuckin' scream, they give me chills, you know.
Favorite Saying: Mr. TV rots your brain just like Mr. Crack Cocaine that's from Kids in the Hall.
Most Jaded Lyric: Our newest song, called Corpse Can. Probably the crudest song I've written yet. It's just basically about how I don't really give a shit about what happens to my body after I die. The last couple lines of the first verse are: "If it's what I wanted would you eat me, pickle me, and keep me in a can?"
Breakfast of Champions
: Cold pizza and warm beer.
Band Class Instrument
: I played Tenor sax in junior high but my music teacher was such a fucking prick and so discouraging I gave up music for two years after that. He always referred to me as the future art student because you had to choose between music and art. But then I picked up the guitar. This guy I was dating, when I was thirteen, he was involved with a bunch of people that set that teacher's car on fire with napalm.
Most Memorable Jaded Jinas Moment: Being on tour with Dirty and the Derelicts (Dirty Jina Tour). I don't know if my bassist already told you about the girl in the bathroom damn. Well, Greasy from Dirty and the Derelicts told me that month was like International Masturbation Month so maybe that had something to do with it...
Recent Sausage Smashing: The last time that we played here at the Astoria, three of my band mates were standing with a few other girls watching the band and this guy (cough, cough Al cough, cough) came up behind them and in a row smacked all their asses. I think the girls in my band didn't know who did it but a good friend of mine, Sylvie, saw it go down and she fuckin' marches up there and was like, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" and totally bitched him out. I thought that was really cool, she was like an honorary Jaded Jina that night.
Best Advice: Don't take any shit.

Weapon of Mass Destruction: Drums

Voted Most Likely To: Freak out if something goes wrong with a show.
Bastard Daughter of: Ozzy Osbourne and that Tarrie B. from My Ruin.
People Most Admired: Marilyn Manson. I just think he's fucking amazing. I read his book (The Long Hard Road Out of Hell) when I was younger and he totally inspired me. William Wallace, Hunter S. Thompson. And Jim Henson because I'm a make-up artist.
Claim to Fame: I did the make-up for Orgy of the Dead, the gory burlesque show that the Tabloid Review puts on. It's like an Ed Wood movie made into a burlesque show. Well, it wasn't just me there were three of us.
Favorite Saying: Don't get drunk and drive get high and fly.
Most Jaded Lyric: You stupid fuckin' RED NECK! Or we all hate Bif Naked, that one's pretty good: "She's no bark, no bite, we don't care about celebrities we have our own lives" I don't know if that one's jaded, I'm just throwing out ones I like here.
Breakfast of Champions: A bong built into your bedpost.
Band Class Instrument: Violin and piano. Guitar, I still play guitar, but drummers are more in demand, especially girl drummers.
Most Memorable Jaded Jinas Moment: The Dirty Jinas tour, first time I ever sang on stage. Itwas "Dirty Old Town", by The Pogues, with Dirty and the Derelicts with every show on that tour. That was pretty exciting and memorable for me.
Recent Sausage Smashing: I'm not a fuckin' man hater. I like guys, I have an awesome boyfriend, but I still like to smash sausages that deserve it. You know Myspace? This guy sent me a thing that was like, "Do you wanna swap naked pictures?" but he was like, 17-years-old. I wrote him back, "You little fuckin' idiot." I don't even remember what I said but I went off on the best rant I've ever gone off on anyone.
Best Advice: Don't listen to criticism. Let it fuel your anger to make you want to be ten times better. Don't give up.

band pix by Frank Dawson

The Morning After Show is broadcast every Tuesday from 11:30 AM till 13:00 with host Oswaldo Pérez, it is an eclectic mix of Canadian indie with rock, experimental, world, reggae, punk and ska from Canada, Latin America and Europe. The Morning After Show has local bands playing live on The Morning After Sessions.

01 Asking For Shit
02 Fuck Knot
03 Smalltown Blues
04 What I Do
05 Eat My Grits
06 Drunk Old Fuckin Fuck
07 Fuckdance
08 Mumus and Knee Socks
09 Creepy Tom
10 Apocalypse
11 Carve
12 Don't Front
13 Corpse Can

Performed LIVE April 3 2007

Download (192 Kbs, 38 Mb)
pw: ocanadarm

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- CD
1996 (Lance Rock)

"For the most part, Americans were woefully ignorant of the absolutely explosive and also really fresh and varied Vancouver, Canada, punk scene of 1978-1981, which was easily the best, most fun, and most creative scene in all of North America then (after L.A. and San Francisco faltered) of any kind, punk or otherwise. It being a more open-minded period of just what punk was or could be, harsh electronic nutcases such as the UJ3RK5 and hard-power-popsters Pointed Sticks could all happily share the bill with such guitar-pounding legends as (the original) D.O.A. and (Canadian) Subhumans.

Of course, modern Northwest Canadian bands are aware of this rich legacy, as are the vets from just below the border in Seattle, so here's a great tribute CD to that era, with some of the also terrific Eastern Canada bands of the time (such as the Viletones and Teenage Head) feted too (though there's no Diodes track!), even though, being 3,000 miles away, the connection was minimal then.

Best of all, the selections here prove that the artists know their stuff, as practically all the original releases are long out of print, and very expensive! The best things are the Tonics' loving recreation of the K-Tels' (later Young Canadians) "I Hate Music," one of a few selections here from the super-rare (like the spotted Dodo), incredible scene-document Vancouver Complication compilation; the Young Fresh Fellows trying on punk-shoes for a smash-up of D.O.A.'s debut 7" single "Disco Sucks"; the Fastbacks chunking up the Modernettes' "Won't Have to Worry"; and Bum's churning, spitting look at the Viletones' two-chord mania "Screaming Fist" 7".

Whether you know the originals or not (probably you won't), this is a great modern punk record, period." - by Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

1. Teengenerate - Top Down
2. Bum - Screaming Fist
3. Lord High Fixers - Fuck You
4. Tonics - I Hate Music
5. Young Fresh Fellows - Disco Sucks
6. Smugglers - What Do You Want Me To Do
7. Al Perry - Fun While It Lasts
8. Fastbacks - Won't Have To Worry
9. Supersnazz - I Don't Like You
10. Evaporators - I Can't Puke
11. Man Or Astroman - Eisenhower & The Hippies
12. Onyas - I Don't Give A Shit
13. Cryin' Out Louds - Now I Ain't Got No Face
14. Stupes - American Bandstand

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pw: ocanadarm

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The Amazing SPIDER-MAN (USA)

- 7-inch (includes read-along book)
1974 (Power)

"Hey kid... are you surfin' the net looking for corn? That's right, "corn", with a "c". Today we're serving up a big helping of classic corny Spidey stuff in the shape of the wonderful "Power Records" Book & Record sets from the mid-70's." -

"In the 1970s and 1980s - the age before DVD box sets - young fans of movies and TV shows had a different outlet to explore their favorite franchise. To wit, there was Power Records, a division of Peter Pan Industries, which released a bevy of full-color comic-book stories to go with 7 inch (45 rpm) audio albums. Here, you truly got two toys for the price of one.

At home, you could read along to the soundtrack on the record player, and on the way to Grandma's house, you could just read the comic book in the book seat. These Power Record items were called "BOOK AND RECORD SETS" and were advertised with the line "It's fun to read as you hear!" Or, to put it another way (as the comic book covers did...) "The Action COMES ALIVE As You Read!!" Or, as the backs of the books read, these are adventures that are "fun AND educational." - John Kenneth Muir

"Power Records (aka Peter Pan Records, aka Zap Records) produced two distinct Spider-Man Book & Record sets as part of their range of that time. Their range also included various other Marvel character stories, plus Frankenstein, Dracula, and various Planet of the Apes tales. The two Spidey Book & Record sets were Spider-Man: The Mark of the Man-Wolf (PR10), and this one - Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon Men (PR24).

This tale runs 11:45, on two sides of a 45 rpm single. On the disk, the story is "Written and Produced by Arthur Korb". That's not a name that I recognise. Nor do I recognise the artwork on the cover or in the story.

The tale itself isn't very complex. A bunch of meteors fall from the sky, and drop down an army of dragon-men, and one huge fire-breathing dragon leader, who speaks perfect English, and who declares himself "Draco, King of the Dragon-Men, Master of the Heavens, etc, etc..." -

When you listen and read along, it goes like this:

This rip, crackles and all comes from my room-mate Jordan from Halifax, who's had it ever since he was just a wee lad.


Power Records Presents THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN VOL. 2
1974 (Power)

"Here's the second Power Records Spider-Man long player, with a different guy voicing him & maybe what, three other actors playing the rest of the entire cast on every story? These days it kinda sounds to me like this whole album was cut in a day, but as a kid I never minded at all. Here's a testament to how often I must've played this thing; it's been 32 years and I still frequently quote several of the astronomy scene lines from "The Invasion of the Dragon-Men" in my head when I'm noticing the stars at night ("Looks like the letter 'W'!", "Couldja pour me a Coke outta that dipper?"). Any way you spin it that's probably pretty lame." - Jason

The Invasion Of The Dragon-Men
Return Of The Conquistador
The Mad Hatter Of Manhattan
The Abominable Showman
The Bells Of Doom
(bonus) The Mark Of The Man-Wolf

Download (vbr, 84 Mb)
pw: ocanadarm