Saturday, January 27, 2007


1987 (Dionysus)

"Compuesto por 16 temas de varios grupos de la escena.
Comeinzan ZEBRA STRIPES con un antológico "The trip". Imposible comenzar mejor. Les siguen THE BEGUILED con un tema bastante más rockin'; "I don't care" y con un tono parecido, pero acercándose a un sonido más 50's, AL PERRY con "Glue sniffing revival". Acto seguido, JONNY SEVIN nos obsequian con otra maravilla "Hey joe", que mezcla atmósferas psychesixties con un toque de caos crudo. Desde Grecia aportan su grandeza LAST DRIVE con "Valley of death" al más puro estilo "Last night". Los siguientes en recorrer el vinilo son THE SPECIAL ONES que se auto tributan con 2 "The special ones". R'n'r séptico de los 50's. Los CRAMPS sacarían jugo de este sonido!. Tras ellos, unos auténticos colosos: THE CYNICS con "Get away girl", un tema muy 12flightsup!! Cierran esta cara THE LEGENDARY GOLDEN VAMPIRES con un apocalíptico "Heartbreak hotel"
La cara B también la abren ZEBRA STRIPES con "El paseo", cantada en castellano.. de aquella manera, pero castellano al fin y al cabo. Unos fuzzeos con sabor a tetricidad nos indican que THEE FOURGIVEN andan amedentrando a la gente opr la zona, con un demoledor "Hang up". Les siguen unos farfísicos CHUD con "Rumble at the love-in". R'n'r con teclados tupédicos! Pero si lo que quieres es calidad, aquí tienes a los YARD TRAUMA para desplegar la que necesites con "I'm not like everybody else" pegándose con las PANDORAS por copar el puesto más importante de garageras americanas están las BROOD, que nos sueltan un "You lied to me before" capaz de derretir el cemento de nuestro cerebro. Los UNTOLD FABLES son los siquientes en aparecer, y lo hacen con un destructivo "pressure". Fuzzeos a discreción y unos halaridos salvajes es la fórmula que utilizan para dejarnos secos. Siguiendo la política de distorsión orejil, los LAZY COWGIRLS nos atacan con "Re-ocurring thang". Por último aparecen de nuevo YARD TRAUMA con "Music"." -

El track list:
1- ZEBRA STRIPES (The trip)
2- THE BEGUILED (I don't care)
3- AL PERRY (Glue sniffing revival)
4- JONNY SEVIN (Hey You!)
5- THE LAST DRIVE (Valley of death)
6- THE SPECIAL ONES (The Special Ones)
7- THE CYNICS (Get away girl)
9- ZEBRA STRIPES (El paseo)
10- THEE FOURGIVEN (Hang up)
11- THE CHUD (Rumble at the love-in)
12- YARD TRAUMA (I'm not like everybody else)
13- THE BROOD (You lied to me before)
14- THE UNTOLD FABLES (Pressure)
15- THE LAZY COWGIRLS (Re-Occurring thang)
16- YARD TRAUMA (Music)

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Quick Update

It seems that there are problems with mediafire today.

Leave a comment with this post if you have any problems and I'll add alternative links over the weekend.

P.S. I'm trying out Gigasize. If it's good enough for Slobodhan, it should be good enough.
Let me know...

Friday, January 19, 2007

The NOMADS (Sweden)

1996 (Lance Rock)

"World beat, my ass. Garage-rock -- of the particularly brutal stripe played by these canny Swedes -- is the real universal tongue, as this collection of Canadian garage anthems proves. Contents include two Ugly Ducklings covers, a version of the Jury's "Who Dat" (no, I never heard it before, either) and a cover of Teenage Head's immoral classic "Picture My Face," complete with re-tooled riff. Additional bonus: Handsome cover art clearly influenced by Porter Wagoner LP of same name." - B.F. "MOLE" MOWAT

"Scandinavia might not seem like a particularly likely place to find a flourishing garage-rock scene, but Stockholm's legendary Nomads have been kings of the drag-punk underground in those great Nordic hinterlands for more than two decades now. It all started in Solna, a Stockholm suburb, in early 1980, when four teenage malcontents got together and began gigging locally as Mike Nomad, playing a raw, blistering style of rock that borrowed liberally from seminal American groups like The Sonics, the MC5, and The Cramps. In 1981 they became The Nomads and recorded their first seven-inch, a crude dirty cover of The Sonics' already crude and dirty garage-rock classic, "Psycho." Throughout the '80s the band continued in this fashion, with singer and rhythm guitarist Nick Vahlberg and lead guitarist Hans üstlund the only constant members. In spite of their distinctively vitriolic, fuzzed-out punk mode of garage rock and the frenetic energy of their live shows, the band remained little more than a curiosity, virtually unknown outside of Sweden.

In the early '90s, The Nomads were able to connect with a larger European audience after shows with The Ramones and Iggy Pop and soon thereafter, thanks in large part to the garage-rock revival spearheaded by bands like The Makers and the Mono Men and the help of Bellingham garage label Estrus Records, the band picked up some new American fans too." - Jesse Ashlock

1. Hard To Cry
2. She Ain't No Use To Me
3. Picture My Face
4. Get Away From It All
5. Who Dat?
6. Nothin'
7. That's My Girl (Rotten To The Core)
8. Been Burnt

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Monday, January 8, 2007


1999 (LDK)

"I first saw these guys at Kawasaki Citta years ago and the singer Baba stormed on stage waving a Japanese flag and immediately jumped into the crowd before singing or screaming a word. Chelsea was pure mental noise with a speedy psychedelic edge. Factotums used a track off this album as the music to be played when we walked on stage at our recent Koenji gig. It really gets me focused, gets me aggressive, and in the mood to perform, although Im not sure what the rest of Factotums think about it. I followed Chelsea round and then when Baba left to form Kubikarizoku I followed that band round. I eventually got to know Baba - which often happens if you go to all the shows - and now count him as one of my best friends in Japan. Hes a hardcore hippie-punk warrior-poet from Kyoto who takes no bullshit and retains the true Samurai spirit. I swear he sleeps with a copy of Hagakure under his pillow at night. I feel like hes probably my brother in an alternative universe. I have total respect for the man." - Simon Factotum

"...he is the Lord of the Japanese Underground. He bounds out from the undergrowth that passes for the backstage at Shimokita Shelter and leaps into the crowd - Levitating? Flying, more like. Trusting his faithful acolytes who dance like they are biting off the heads of a live chicken in a woody hill just outside downtown Port au Prince. We are one second into Nokemono's second ever Tokyo show. They played here once last year. And Baba, head honcho sexy singer, chewing on an antler the monster, ex-Chelsea and ex-Kubiukarizoku, has the crowd in a trance. Dangerous shit. He's lording it over the crowd after just one second. Nobody goes to the bar for a drink. Nobody goes to the toilet to take a leak. Nobody wants to miss this. Scientists would die for this - the missing link between man and beast - and he's got the musical magic going down too." - Simon Bartz

"Guitars thrash wildly. Drums are beaten sadistically. And ripping through the noise like a crucified devil is the shriek of a creature that seems half-human. This emaciated, bearded beast is naked bar a pair of silvery blue shorts. Behind the long, straggly hair his eyes burn with terrifying intensity. When he isn't screaming, he makes chewing motions with his mouth as if he's gnawing on an invisible bone. In other words, we got a freak show on our hands with a New York Dolls-on-speed soundtrack...

Marky drives me and Baba to a saba eatery in Kyoto and we talk about his status in the Japanese music scene. He's a legend, but I can't quite figure out why. His music is great, but he's released few records.

"I am really happy that people respect what I do, even though I haven't released much," he says. "I think it's because our live shows are good. Hahaha!"

You released a couple of records with Chelsea and one live video with Kubikarizoku. Don't you regret not releasing more stuff?

"I am full of failures and regrets about the past," he says, in between slurping some miso soup. "And I know there will be further problems in the future. I hope to overcome these things little by little. That's what keeps me making music. It's an exercise in exorcism. Hahaha!"

But if you don't release stuff your legacy may fade in time as people forget the shows. Don't you want to go down in Japanese musical history?

"If we create great songs and do great live shows, we will become legendary. I'm in a band and obviously that's what I want. If that doesn't happen, that means some factors are missing. That is all. Anyway, it depends on me and my determination and spirit." - Simon Bartz


01. Magma No Otoko
02. Ira Ira Suruze
03. An An Abazure
04. Damena Yatu Eno Uta
05. Ma-a Iika
06. Oresama No Rock
07. Kuso Kurae
08. Gira Gira Rock
09. Ete Kou
10. Monogoi Boogie

Caveat: Acquired from Audiogalaxy in 2000, Track 8 is low level for the first 28 seconds

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