Friday, March 21, 2008


MAXIMUM RABBIT - The Second FacePlant Compilation Tape
1996 (FacePlant Productions)

For a brief period (1995-1998), Vancouver's FacePlant rehearsal studio inflated into a full-blown music/arts collective. Taking its cue from New York's legendary ROIR label, the zany bunch created their own cassette label, producing 19 full-length releases from local bands that practised at FacePlant, along with one-of-a-kind live concerts, guerilla theatre, even a retail outlet that would seemingly materialize out of nowhere and vanish again leaving no visible trace.


As the collective grew, so did their capabilities, including videos and animation, and pioneering revolutionary methods of streaming video content that was actually *watchable* during the days of dialup 'Net access.

The entire tape catalog is SOLD OUT and no longer in print, and these days FacePlant has returned to its roots as a jam space.

Joe Bodner
Pete Gripp
Shannon Hallett

Evecutive Producer:
Shannon Hallett

Side A
01 Intro
02 The DIRTY HARRIETS - Kute Like Karla
03 ARTHUR ELLIS - Lizard
04 REVULVA - Welcome To Beautiful
05 the spine - The Warts
06 The FOUR FOOD GROUPS OF THE APOCALYPSE - Virtual Reality Blow Job
07 JAMES DEAN IV - Keep It Rolling
o8 MOHAN - Model 62
09 UNEVEN STEPS - Typical Nuclear Reaction

Side B
11 ARTHUR ELLIS - Magic Highway
12 KENNY D. BAND - The Pirate Song
13 FISHBURGER - Which Is Which?
14 BEN MAHONEY - Queen Of The Guillotine
15 REVULVA - Crazy
16 HOUSE OF BUGS - Bagpipe Gumbo
17 FISHBURGER - Bloomuen
18 JAMES DEAN IV - You Got Me

DOWNLOAD (vbr, 59 MB)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LAST CALL (Canada) - V/A

LAST CALL - Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988
- 2CD
1991 (Zulu)


"Many Canadian music fans would argue that during the punk and new wave eras, Vancouver was the home of the best Canadian bands, and the compilation Last Call provides pretty compelling evidence.

Early tracks from the punk school, including the bands D.O.A. and the Subhumans are included, as well as new wave acts like the Modernettes. Disc two leans more towards the "alternative" era, which still featured punk-oriented acts like Nomeansno (who were technically from Victoria, but it's close enough for punk) and Slow, but also included more pop fare in the form of bands like Oversoul Seven. These aren't the only touch points, however, with forays into hardcore, folk, surf, and more.

A few things are of particular note on this compilation: first, the inclusion of an early track by 54.40, who would go on to become one of Canada's most enduring pop acts. Secondly, a mini-Art Bergmann overview, featuring his early work with the bands Young Canadians (who do the classic "Hawaii"), Los Popularos, and Poisoned, who went on to be his backup band when he started performing under his own name.

There are also a number of performers here who would go on to other things: David Wisdom of U-J3RK5 would later become a late-night host on the CBC, and Bob Rock, who produced many of these early punk classics later became a big-name heavy metal producer for acts like Van Halen and Metallica. Though some of the tracks are more forgettable than others, there are enough lost classics here (Slow being the most notable) to make the album a must-have for anyone who lived through this era, even if you were from Toronto at the time." - by Sean Carruthers, allmusic

Disc 1
What Do You Want Me To Be (Furies)
Fucked Up Baby (Skulls)
Disco Sucks (D.O.A.)
Fuck You (Stiffs)
I Wanna Be A Girl (Generators)
I Don't Love You (Dishrags)
Nothing Holding You (Active Dog)
I Don't Give A Shit (BIZ)
New Clientele (Shades)
Real Thing (Pointed Sticks)
Science Fiction (Private School)
Slave To My Dick (Subhumans)
Hawaii (Young Canadians)
Divided By Three (Female Hands)
Eisenhower & The Hippies (U-J3RK5)
Barbra (Modernettes)
Off The Deep End (Insex)
634 Dog (AKA)
Waiting For The Drugs To Take Hold (Secret V's)
Seen A Fight (Tim Ray)
Shame I Feel (Corsage)
Synchronized Swimming (Popular Front)
Yank (54-40)
Mystery Movie (Scissors)
Can't Come Back (Los Popularos)
Music Is Your Body (Moral Lepers)
Teenage Barnacle (Enigmas)
Party Dog (Actionauts)

Disc 2
The Crush (Family Plot)
Self-Pity (NoMeansNo)
Work Song (The Work Party)
Inevitable (Bolero Lava)
Edge (I, Braineater)
Just Another Day (Go Four 3)
Learning To Live (Animal Slaves)
Happy Man (Brilliant Orange)
Have Not Been The Same (Slow)
American Desert (Shanghai Dog)
Be Like Us (No Fun)
Bone Of Contention (Cannon Heath Down)
Evil Town (Lost Durangos)
Dirty Ol' Town (Herald Nix)
To Tell The Truth (Poisoned)
Talk To The Birds (Bob's Your Uncle)
King Blood (Rhythm Mission)
Solitary Man (Scramblers)
1 + 1 is 3 (Oversoul Seven)
Darker Than This (The Hip Type)

You need all three parts(192 kbs, 204 Mbs)
Download part1
Download part2
Download part 3