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2007 (bootleg)

Re-up! by request from the mighty Chocoreve, no less.

THE summer compilation.
Originally from Mikael at the now-defunct forum.

This is a slightly condensed version (ie. my personal faves). I removed a few tracks that don't float my boat, and my original copy is lost in the hard drive meltdown... No matter, what's here is leaner and meaner. 45 out of 53 ain't bad, heh.

Disc 1:
01 Tony Valla And The Alamos - Maria Christina - Fortune 859
02 Gino Washington - Out Of This World - Amon 90580
03 Nathaniel Mayer - Village Of Love - Fortune 449
04 Brice Coefield - Cha-Cha Twist - Madison 137
05 Irma Thomas - Break-A-Way - Imperial 66013
06 Ronettes - He Did It - Colpix 486
07 Mary Wells - Bye Bye Baby - Motown 1003
08 Shangri-Las - It's Easier To Cry - Redbird 10-008
09 Gabriel And The Angels - Chumba (aka Chumbawa) - Amy 802
10 Mickey Lee Lane - Hey Sah-Lo-Ney (aka Hey Sailor) - Swan 4222
11 Otis Redding And The Pinetoppers - Shout Bamalama - Confederate 135 - Sue 362
12 Shirelles - Putty (In Your Hands) - Scepter 504
13 Solomon Burke - Stupidity - Atlantic 2196
14 Marvelettes - I'll Keep Holding On - Tamla 54116
15 Hank Ballard - I'll Be Home Someday - Federal 12285
16 Dusty Wilson - Can't Do Without You - Bronse 1800
17 Charlie Rich - Midnite Blues - Phillips 3582
18 Barrett Strong - You Knows What To Do - Anna 1116
19 Irma Thomas - Hittin' on Nothin' - Minit 666
20 Solomon Burke - Home In Your Heart (aka Find Me A Home) Atlantic 2180
21 Oblivians - Bad Man (aka Bad Girl) - Crypt 65
22 Deviants - Slum Lord - Sire 97005
23 Question Mark And The Mysterians - Ain't It A Shame - Tangerine 989
24 Billy Lee And The Rivieras - Won't You Dance With Me - Hyland 3016
25 5 Royales - The Slummer The Slum - King 5153
26 Polka Dot Slim - A Thing You Gotta Face (aka Down In Louisiana) - Instant 3269
27 Geeshie Wiley & Elvie Thomas - Over To My House - Paramount 12977

Disc 2
01 Gary U.S. Bonds - I Wanta Holler (But The Town's Too Small) - Varese 5938
02 5 Royales - The Real Thing - King 5162
03 Nite Riders - Lookin' For My Baby (aka Ya Ya Ya) - Sue 719
04 International Kansas City Playboys - Everybody's Going Wild - Wheelsville 115
05 Percy Sledge - Baby Help Me - Atlantic 2383
06 Gloria Jones - Heartbeat Part 1 - Uptown 712
07 Hoagy Lands - Baby Let Me Hold You Hand - Atlantic 2217
08 Ike & Tina Turner - You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never Had - Sonja 2005
09 Irma Thomas - Cry On - Minit 625
10 Jimmy Robins - I Can't Please You (aka Just Can't Please You) - Jerhart 207
11 Sister Rosette Tharpe - 99 And Half Won't Do - Mercury 20201
12 Davis Jones & The Fenders - Boss With The Hot Sauce (aka Boss Lady)
13 Clarence Carter - Slippin' Around (stereo) - Atlantic 8192
14 Betty Harris - Mean Man - Sansu 478
15 5 Royales - Right Around The Corner - King 4869
16 Olympics - Secret Agents - Mirwood 5513 (stereo) (aka My Baby Loves The Secret Agent)
17 Ruby Johnson - Weak Spot - Volt 133
18 Staple Singers - Don't Knock (aka You Don't Knock) - VeeJay 902
19 Irma Thomas - It's Raining - Minit 653
20 Koko Taylor & Willie Dixon - Insane Asylum - Checker 1191
21 Gardenias - I'm Laughing At You - HI-Q 5005 H24
22 Dorothy Love Coates - 99 And A Half Won't Do - Speciality 2134
23 Chiffons - Oh My Lover - Laurie 3152
24 Clyde Mcphatter - Let's Forget About The Past - Mercury 71941
25 5 Royales - When I Get Like This (Silver And Gold) - King 4806
26 Bobbie Smith - Now He's Gone (aka Now You're Gone) Big Top 3129
27 Strokes - Last Nite (stereo) - RCA 68101


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That Olde Tyme Music (1920-1940ish - V/A)

That Olde Tyme Music (1920-1940ish)

2013 (bootleg) 

So... I finally replaced a hard drive, and got a new tape deck. Slowly transferring files, will re-up the rest as I find em.

This compilation is a real dog's breakfast of pre-war blues / folk / jazz / field recordings, likely harvested from the late great Locust St. blog. Top-shelf stuff!

01. Cocaine Habit Blues - Memphis Jug Band
02. I'm Gonna Get High - Tampa Red & The Chicago Five
03. The Haunted House - unknown
04. Shave 'Em Dry I - Lucille Bogan
05. Rosie - C.B. and axe gang
06. It Don't Mean A Thing - Billy Banks
07. I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail - The Blue Sky Boys
08. Don't Tear My Clothes - Chicago Black Swans
09. The Nasty Swing - Cliff Carlisle
10. My Bones Gonna Rise Again - Dave and Howard
11. Evil Motherfuyer - Dirty Red
12. I Ain''t Got Nobody - Emmett Miller
13. Blue Yodel No. 9 - Jimmie Rodgers
14. Busy Bootin' - Kokomo Arnold
15. Dangerous Blues - Mattie May Thomas
16. You Keep A-Knockin' - Milton Brown
17. Dan The Banana Man - Nettles Brothers String Band
18. Shave 'Em Dry II - Lucille Bogan
19. She's A Hum Dum Dinger From Dingersville - Sheriff Buddy Jones
20. Two Little Fish And Five Loaves Of Bread - Sister Rosetta Tharpe
21. Polly Put The Kettle On - Sonny Boy Williamson 
22. Crazy People - The Boswell Sisters
23. Walk Around - The Soul Stirrers
24. The Mighty Number - The Trumpeteers
25. No More The Moon Shines On Lorena - Carter Family
26. My Buddy - Alvino & Luise Rey


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1994 (Matador)


"Barbara Manning is the noise-lovers pop singer. Of that, everyone is certain. We could tell you more about her formative years raised in a junkyard, her long-term relationship with the San Francisco music scene, and her unabashed love of baseball, but I can't find the press kit. Besides, this isn't about Barbara Manning (yeah, right) but the San Francisco Seals, her new band...
So what do you need to know? The album, Nowhere, is on Matador. It's loaded with covers and ever-so-tuneful B.Manning originals . . . bouncy pop numbers cut up with scratchy needles, sampled noise and fragments." - Franz Kunst and Carrie McLaren

"barbara manning has such a gorgeous voice -- cool as a popsicle, transparent as a whisper of chiffon -- that her general creepiness might throw you for a loop...She has a way of adding weight and heft to the stark beauty of her voice by giving us multiple layers of meaning to swim through. And unlike gloomsters like Nick Cave, Manning doesn't distance herself from the misery of the characters in her songs -- she collapses that distance, moving right in like a zoom lens to show us what makes these people tick." - Stephanie Zacharek

"I always had a hell of time trying to peg Barbara Manning until I realized that was probably the reason I liked her so much. She's thought of as 'alternative' (whatever that means) though she sounds like a sweet-voiced folkie who plays a dizzying range of rock covers and then writes even better songs on her own. I guess it was out of laziness that she was lumped with the 'grrl' movement (Courtney, Liz Phair, L7) but she's too smart and thoughtful to fall into categories that easy. A baseball fan who sings of sour relationships and toasts her favorite bands through covers and name checks, she didn't make it easy to say what she was. Manning is definitely an original." - Jason Gross

"In the early nineties, World of Pooh members Barbara Manning, Melanie Clarin, and Kim Osterwald transformed into the San Francisco Seals. Lead vocalist Manning wrote the band's original songs; Clarin handled the drumming duties and also sang and played accordion, as well as other instruments, while Osterwald played cello. The music of SF Seals was largely pop-oriented, drawing inspiration from the '60s Bay Area scene and often spiced with samples and strange noises -- although as the band grew instrumentally, those aspects became less prominent in their live work. Manning was particularly fond of covering other artists -- often obscure tunes -- both on record and in the Seals' live shows.

After recording a series of seven-inch singles with Margaret Murray, formerly of U.S. Saucer, on bass, SF Seals toured with bassist Chris Milner of the Molecules and drummer Jay Page. Guitarist Brently Pusser of Nerd Rock Pioneers and 3 Day Stubble joined the band for the recording of Nowhere, their first LP, released in 1994 on the Matador label. Murray and Clarin also played on the album. The band's second album, Truth Walks in Sleepy Shadows, was released the next year, and they toured in support of the release, after which they disbanded." - Nick Kemper

"I've gotten lots of bad reviews of this record. But, to tell you the truth, I just don't care. The record was completely a selfish thing; I wasn't even thinking of how to please my sister or my mom. I was completely pleasing myself. Every single second on that record I know really well. We'd been collecting sounds for months. I knew I wanted to have a nice, long improv piece. Maybe certain things were calculated because I knew I wanted to do them. But they were only for myself. I guess I shouldn't be so selfish and make a record that makes more sense to me than anyone else but I was really trying to make a soundtrack for how I was feeling and I wasn't feeling that happy at the time. A lot of the extra soundbits meant something, for me, like an upset stomach or your brain getting overwhelmed by voices...These things are like an inside joke and I'm the only one who gets it." - Barbara Manning

"Nowhere, spelled out on the recording as "Now Here," is the first of two full-length albums the SF Seals released before calling it quits a couple of years later. As with many of the projects with which Manning has been involved, it features a number of tasteful covers, most notably Badfinger's chiming "Baby Blue" and Faine Jade's Zombies-sounding "Don't Underestimate Me" (how's that for obscure?). The material all works quite well, with the exception of "Demons on the Corners," eight minutes of ambient noise that would have made more sense as a bonus or hidden track. It threatens to derail the entire mostly pop-oriented enterprise, but is followed by the brassy "Missing," which ends the set on a strong note -- almost as strong as the exuberant "Back Again" which opens it." - Kathleen C. Fennessy

The San Francisco Seals:
Barbara Manning
Melanie Clarin
Michelle Cernuto
Lincoln Allen
Jay Paget
Brently Pusser
Chris Milner
Margaret Murray

1. Back Again
2. Don't Underestimate Me
3. 8's
4. Janine's Dream
5. Still?
6. Day 12
7. Winter Song
8. Baby Blue
9. Demons on the Corners
10. Missing


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1997 (Roto-Flex)


"...the very best of recent Canadian Garage, surf, instro, trash, punk, etc. WAY COOL!" - Patrick S.

"Just in time for the celebration of garage rock known as the Boat and Trailer show, Roto-flex Records has released a compilation of some of the dirtiest rock in Canada. Nothing Beats a Royal Flush is an 18 song collection of terrifically crappy songs. Featuring the likes of Huevos Rancheros, Chixdiggit, Maow, The Shinolas, The Mants and Curse of Horseflesh, the CD quenches the thirst for rock and roll the old fashioned way: straight up." - FFWD Weekly

01. AQUA VULVA - The Shinolas
03. CEMETARY STOMP - The Knurlings
04. INSOMNIA - The Mach III's
05. ALLEY CAT - The Infernos
06. 7 DAYS OF CRYING - The Brewtals
07. TROUBLE A BREWIN' - Huevos Rancheros
08. CROSS-DRESSIN' DADDY - Jackson Phibes
09. HEAVY LOADED - The Scat Rag Boosters
10. SKELETON HILL 90210 - Curse Of Horseflesh
13. MINDBENDER - The Tonics
14. BETTY LOU GOT A NEW TATTOO - The Von Zippers
15. INDIAN GIVER - The Irritations
16. DISCO DETONATOR - The Stinkies
17. BACKSEAT BOOGIE - The Spaceshits
18. 2000 FLUSHES YELLOW - Chixdiggit

DOWNLOAD (192 Kbs, 51 Mb)

Some Re-ups!

Hey everyone, here's a heads-up for a bunch of re-ups coming in the next couple o' days...


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Greg Gory Johnson (The Fiends, The Worst) - 1968-2009 The Memorial

It was just over a year ago that Greg Gory Johnson, singer for The Fiends, and previously The Worst, suddenly fell ill and passed away suddenly. Everyone close to him was shocked and devastated.

It was the main factor in crashing this blog to a halt for the past while...

A number of radio shows paid tribute to Greg.

I'm posting three podcasts, totalling 5 hours of rare and unreleased Fiends/Worst tracks, road stories and assorted tales of his bands, as well as choice cuts from some of his favourite garage/psych artists...

A What Wave Tribute To Greg Gory (90 min)
hosted by What Wave Dave
Originally broadcast Dec. 11/2009, CHRW 94.9FM

The Downliners Crypt Tribute To Greg Gory (30 min)
hosted by Grant Shankaruk (original bassist of the Worst)
Originally broadcast Dec. 15/2009, CJSF 90.1FM

Rumbletone Radio A-Go-Go Tribute To Greg Gory (180 min)
hosted by Frank Rumbletone, with 4 generations of Fiends live in-studio, plus a surprise guest calling in...
Originally broadcast Dec. 16/2009, CITR 101.9FM


Friday, October 29, 2010


Helloween Howl!!!

So I'm back from the dead, sort of.
Long story.

Anyways, here's a ghoulish comp of old-school punk and garage guaranteed to keep the joint a-jumpin'!


Disc 1:
.45 Grave - Evil
Pointed Sticks - The Witch
General Foodz - Love Potion #9
Plasmatics - Butcher Baby
Stiv Bators - You Must Be A Witch
Hollywood Squares - Hillside Strangler
The Gravedigger V - Night of the phantom
Dickies - You Drive Me Ape
Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died
Shindiggers - Black 'N' Hairy
The Gruesomes - Three Men, One Coffin
The Cramps - Human Fly
Ramones - You Should Never Have Opened That Door
SNFU - The Gravedigger
New York Dolls - Stranded In The Jungle
The Stomachmouths - The Cat Came Back
Deja Voodoo - Cemetery
Thee Mighty Caesars - Lil' Red Riding Hood
The Revillos - Voodoo
The Controllers - Jezebel
Detention - Dead Rock 'n Rollers
Urinals - Im a Bug
Tav Falco's Panther Burns - She's My Witch
Strap Ons - Psycho Ghost Trucker
Stark Naked and the Fleshtones - I Was a Teenage Stockbroker

Disc 2:
The Fuzztones - Jack the Ripper
TSOL - Black Magic
Roy Loney - Rockin' In The Graveyard
The Revillos - Monster Man
The Gravedigger V - Spooky
Go Four 3 - Seventh Victim
Deja Voodoo - Monsters in My Garage Got Married
The Afrika Korps - Cute Little She Devil
Spitballs - Boris The Spider
The Cramps - Get Off The Road
The Valves - Robot Love
SNFU - Bodies In the Wall
Plasmatics - Black Leather Monster
Ramones - I don't want to go to the basement (demo)
The Judy's - Man On A Window Ledge
UK Subs - I Robot
Robert Gordon with Link Wray - Flying Saucers Rock & Roll
The Cramps - Teenage Werewolf
Wayne County and the Electric Chairs - Rock 'N Roll Cleopatra
Philisteens - Elephant Head
The Nomads - Where The Wolf Bane Blooms
The Ugly - Alley Cat
The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Tall Boys - Another Half hour Till' Sunrise

Get it here...

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POPPERS Vol. 8 1985-89 - V/A

POPPERS Vol.8 1985-89

Final volume in the 8 disc set, which is a direct response to the Borack 200 list of essential PowerPop albums.

The result is a mishmash, of obvious heavy hitters and no-hit wonders, from the days when it *all* was considered punk.

Some Liner notes:
This series is dedicated to the lovely and talented (and Poppers cover grrrl) Ms. Kara Beaner:

One day, (knowing full well that she'd get a mixtape out of it) Ms. Kara asked me why there wasn't much from the 80's that followed in the wake of Stiv Bators? After explaining to her that Stiv's Disconnected album was just a part of PowerPop's 1978-83 "golden age", I quickly (6 weeks) tossed together a couple of C-90's for her...

Well, before I knew it, she was performing one of the shiny new (to her) finds:

As well, my then-roommate Jordin from Halifax (who's somewhat of a This Is Boston, Not L.A. hardcore snob), had asked me for a mix of some Killed By Death-era punk tunes. As I put that mix together, my ears could hear a fair bit of "pop" crossover...

At the same time, rare and out-of-print tracks from the Borack Top 200 PowerPop list were circulating in the blogosphere. I heard a lot of gems, for the first time, that had never made it to wherever I was (usually on tour) back in the day. I decided to expand on my original premise as I sifted through it all.

The Flys, Testors, and Sunnyboys are a few of the bands that I'd never heard of even 2 years ago... But the biggest, bestest, yummy-yummiest surprise for me, was France's Dogs, who were awesome throughout their entire existence, IMO.

I hope that you've enjoyed Poppers. I'm working on the next compilation series, should be ready to start posting it in the new year.

One more thing:
There is a "spot the blogger" element buried in these discs... but that's another story.

01 - The Stems - Make You Mine
02 - The Smithereens - Behind the Wall of Sleep
03 - Lyres - Here's A Heart
04 - The Moment - Games We Played
05 - The Jesus And Mary Chain - Head On
06 - Johnny Thunders and Patti Palladin - Treat Her Right
07 - Mystic Eyes - The Subject Of My Thoughts
08 - The Finks - Bright Lights, Nighttime Illusions
09 - The Pussywillows - Don't Say He's Gone
10 - Dogs - Down At Lulu's
11 - Miracle Workers - I'll walk away
12 - The Nomads - My Deadly Game
13 - The Primitives - Sick Of It
14 - Hoodoo Gurus - Bittersweet
15 - Ukase - Runaway
16 - The Infidels - Here I Am
17 - Rapiers - It's Been Nice
18 - Wreckless Eric - Tell Me I'm The Only One


Thursday, November 5, 2009

POPPERS Vol. 7 1985-89 - V/A

POPPERS Vol.7 1985-89

Seventh volume in the 8 disc set, which is a direct response to the Borack 200 list of essential PowerPop albums.

The result is a mishmash, of obvious heavy hitters and no-hit wonders, from the days when it *all* was considered punk.

01 - The Headless Horsemen - Same Old Thing
02 - The Vaselines - Son of a Gun
03 - The Smithereens - Blood And Roses
04 - The Tweeds - Part Of The Game
05 - The Finks - You Made Me Smile
06 - The Jesus And Mary Chain - Snakedriver
07 - Ukase - Jealousy
08 - Dogs - I Love Music
09 - Lyres - Worried About Nothing
10 - Watermelon Men - Back In My Dreams
11 - Wreckless Eric - I'm Not Going To Cry
12 - The Pussywillows - Turn Her Down
13 - The Chesterfield Kings - Time Will Tell
14 - The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl
15 - Lime Spiders - Can't You Read My Mind
16 - The Primitives - Crash
17 - The Sting-Rays - Behind The Beyond
18 - Fortunate Sons - Wastin' Time
19 - Mystic Eyes - I Woke Up In Love This Morning
20 - The Pandoras - Stop Pretending
21 - Fade To Gray - Land Of Love


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The IMMORTAL BAEBES At The Festival Of Immortality (2002)

The IMMORTAL BAEBES At The Festival Of Immortality
2002 (bootleg)

"From their first performance, in a graveyard, England's Mediaeval Baebes have toured the world, playing everywhere from castles to fetish clubs, and enchanting audiences with their unique blend of music and sensuality.
But for this performance, they went so far as to give up their mortal lives..." Crimson Mink, EVEtv

"We're going to be doing something or having something done to us that's never happened before. It's never been done to us and I don't know if it's ever been done to anybody else... I really wouldn't like to say." - Rachel Van Asch, Mediaeval Baebes

"...a crew of vampires crept onstage, did a Dracula on the ladies and led them off in a trance. It seemed to be just what they needed, because when they returned as “The Immortal Baebes,” their performance was driven by a dark magic...the addition of electric guitar, bass, cello and keyboards made the Baebes and their material fly, Best of all was a hypnotic, power-packed Taiko drummer on a riser high above the stage." - PENELOPE MULLIGAN

Recorded NOV.15 2002,
Vancouver Canada

The Immortal Baebes:

Katharine Blake

Teresa "T.C." Casella

Audrey Evans

Marie Findley

Emily Ovenden

Claire Ravel

Cylindra Sapphire

Rachel Van Asch

Dorothy Carter - Multi-Instrumentalist

Vince Johnson - Percussion

Syd Croaker - Guitar

Jason Filipchuk - Synthesizers

Byron Flad - Cello

Pete Gripp - Bass

Esme Friesen - Taiko Drum

01 Invocation
02 Miri It Is
03 When Thy Turuf Is Thy Tour
04 Erthe Upon Erthe
05 Adam Lay Ibounden
06 Circle Of The Lustful
07 How Death Comes
08 So Spricht Das Leben
09 Dringo Bell