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The IMMORTAL BAEBES At The Festival Of Immortality (2002)

The IMMORTAL BAEBES At The Festival Of Immortality
2002 (bootleg)

"From their first performance, in a graveyard, England's Mediaeval Baebes have toured the world, playing everywhere from castles to fetish clubs, and enchanting audiences with their unique blend of music and sensuality.
But for this performance, they went so far as to give up their mortal lives..." Crimson Mink, EVEtv

"We're going to be doing something or having something done to us that's never happened before. It's never been done to us and I don't know if it's ever been done to anybody else... I really wouldn't like to say." - Rachel Van Asch, Mediaeval Baebes

"...a crew of vampires crept onstage, did a Dracula on the ladies and led them off in a trance. It seemed to be just what they needed, because when they returned as “The Immortal Baebes,” their performance was driven by a dark magic...the addition of electric guitar, bass, cello and keyboards made the Baebes and their material fly, Best of all was a hypnotic, power-packed Taiko drummer on a riser high above the stage." - PENELOPE MULLIGAN

Recorded NOV.15 2002,
Vancouver Canada

The Immortal Baebes:

Katharine Blake

Teresa "T.C." Casella

Audrey Evans

Marie Findley

Emily Ovenden

Claire Ravel

Cylindra Sapphire

Rachel Van Asch

Dorothy Carter - Multi-Instrumentalist

Vince Johnson - Percussion

Syd Croaker - Guitar

Jason Filipchuk - Synthesizers

Byron Flad - Cello

Pete Gripp - Bass

Esme Friesen - Taiko Drum

01 Invocation
02 Miri It Is
03 When Thy Turuf Is Thy Tour
04 Erthe Upon Erthe
05 Adam Lay Ibounden
06 Circle Of The Lustful
07 How Death Comes
08 So Spricht Das Leben
09 Dringo Bell


Thursday, October 29, 2009

The LIVING DEADBEATS (CANADA) - Live! Radio!Tonite!

From East Vancouver, Canada:

Current and ex Fiends, Dirty and The Derelicts, Finks, Dropouts, Jaded Jinas, Piss Ups, Gynosaurus X,
bringin you heaps of gritty garage punk'n'roll straight outta the PacNW!

Lindsay Kasting - vox
Dirty Swagger - guitar
DeadPete Fiend - bass
Kyla Rockingham - drums

Performing live tonite @ CITR 101.9-FM
10 PM Pacific Time (2200h GMT-8)

listen to the live stream (mp3 or ogg) here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Braineaters
-7 inch EP
1979 (Wrong World Record)

By Request!

"Amazing punk rock out of Canada. Badly mastered. Low volume all around. Sloppy and hectic instrumentation. Short songs. What more can you ask for?" - The Flakes // Drummer

"Its quite hard to explain just what the Braineaters do, besides working and playing very hard, but visually their art is a bizzare melange of science fiction and sword and sorcery, flavoured with punk mythology." - The Georgia Straight

"Fucking great record! Good shit! Short songs rule." - Slobodan Burgher

"Better known as Canada's Legendary Punkrock & Art Icon, Braineater is the master mind of Jim Cummins from Vancouver. The 1979 'Braineaters' EP was a punk manifesto and featured guest appearances by Buck Cherry (Modernettes) and "Art Bormann" (aka Art Bergmann) of K-Tels/Young Canadians fame.

Jim was the designer of album covers for many bands, including The Pointed Sticks - Skinny Puppy - Itch - Pure - Dog Eat Dog. He has had more than 40 art exhibits and over 100 gigs in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Montreal, and Amsterdam over the last 30 years . .....his music videos show up on MUCHMUSIC and Bravo!" - official fanclub page

. . . and their [Braineaters] new record is simply the best thing to emerge from Vancouver, musically, conceptually, and in its packaging. this record is the best buy on earth." - Dense Milt

"There was a young artist who grew up in horse racing tracks up and down the West-Coast. This kid saw comic books collide with canvas at an early age. Jim Cummins ( aka I, Braineater, to the world at large) lived a life full of cartoons, rock n' roll and kicks. He made art of this comic book life. And he still does. The spirit of Braineater has always been the juice and verve of a larger than life pop parody. His music, films, artwork and performances are as entertaining as a Merry Melody cartoon, and just as amazing. Like the best pop artists, say. Lichtenstein, Warhol, Oldenburg, Big Daddy Roth or R.Crumb---Jim Cummins has made the common extraordinairy." - Art Perry

"It's only when you hit a nerve that you know you're on the right track." - Jim Cummins

The Braineaters:
Jim Cummins
Steve La Violette
Trevor Jones

guest musicians:
Art Bergmann
Buck Cherry

01 I, Braineater
02 Fun Time
03 Last Date
04 Rock Rock
05 Edge


POPPERS Vol. 6 1981-84 - V/A

POPPERS Vol.6 1981-84

Sixth volume in the 8 disc set, which is a direct response to the Borack 200 list of essential PowerPop albums.

The result is a mishmash, of obvious heavy hitters and no-hit wonders, from the days when it *all* was considered punk.

01 - Ramones - We Want The Airwaves
02 - Screamin' Sirens - Love Slave
03 - Dogs - Never Come Back
04 - The Swingers - One Good Reason
05 - Romeo Void - Just Too Easy
06 - Justin Love - Looking For A World
07 - The Plimsouls - Play The Breaks
08 - Nasty Facts - Drive My Car
09 - Mink Deville - Spanish Stroll
10 - The Chesterfield Kings - You Better Look Now
11 - Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun
12 - Go-Go's - Skidmarks On My Heart
13 - Sunnyboys - The Seeker
14 - Redd Kross - Heaven Only Knows
15 - Roky Erickson - Starry Eyes
16 - The Pandoras - You Lie
17 - The Sponsors - In And Out Of Love
18 - The Plugz - Achin'
19 - The Bangles - Tell Me
20 - Crash Street Kids - Tears


Monday, October 26, 2009

The FIENDS (Canada)

1998 (Dionysus)

"This record rocks! If you're thinking about getting this record then you probably know whats up and this won't let you down. If you're into bands like THE MUMMIES, BOMBORAS, MAKERS, SATELITERS and just fuzzy,LowFi, REAL ROCK! Then you'll poop your pants listing to these #'s. I'd sell my soul to see these cats live!" - NickyDaFish

"The Seeds' "Pictures and Designs"? Screamin' Lord Sutch's "Jack the Ripper"? I'm sold. These Vancouver garage-dwellers deliver the goods with tales of murder and J.D. Rebellion in the spirit of 1966. DMZ, the Lyres and the Fuzztones all receive the Vox-powered nod and some of the snottiest singing since the Makers. If you dig your garage rock drenched in reverb with a splash of tremolo then the Fiends have come for you." - Johnson Cummins

"The Fiends first came together in some garage in Canada... The Fiends, who use horror and creature movies as their "theme", has the following band members: Jason Voorhees plays the human skins (drums that is); Michael Meyers is on the bloody organs (keyboards); the Brain is on the fuzzbass (hopefully, self-explanatory); Vanishing Grog plays the Wirez & Skeleton Keys; and Greg Gory is responsible for screamin’. Along with their monikers and alter-instrumental egos, the band don themselves in costumes, makeup and pretty outlandish duds. On a musical level, expect some sinister Phantom of the Opera-like keyboards, sounds of people digging graves, twanging distorted guitars and screaming singing. Although this sounds like some GWAR-like musical nightmare, it is exactly quite the opposite. The thematic approach to their music may be ghoulish; the music resembles the psychedelic-garage sounds that popularized the west coast in the 1960s. Michael Meyer’s keyboards (I mean, bloody organs) are similar to the effects of 60s band like the ? and the Mysterians and the Strawberry Alarm Clock. While Meyers returns us to the beauty of the Farfisa organ, the fuzzy guitar work Vanishing Grog is equally reminiscent of an older more evil era." - Brian L. Knight

Two’s A Crowd
Bad Woman
No Good
Writing On The Wall
Quit Pickin’ On Me
Jack The ripper
X-Ray Eyes
Shake Thru My Heart
Just In Case you Wonder
The Lyncher (Hangs Ten)
She’s Not Broken
Pictures & Designs


POPPERS Vol. 5 1981-84 - V/A

POPPERS Vol.5 1981-84

Fifth volume in the 8 disc set, which is a direct response to the Borack 200 list of essential PowerPop albums.

The result is a mishmash, of obvious heavy hitters and no-hit wonders, from the days when it *all* was considered punk.


01 - Moondogs - Imposter
02 - Roy Loney - Magdalena
03 - The Tesco Bombers - Hernando's Hideaway
04 - The Vibrators - Amphetamine Blue
05 - Stark Naked - Hey Little Darlin'
06 - The Adicts - Who Spilt My Beer?
07 - Teenage Head - Something On My Mind
08 - Tenpole Tudor - Swords of a Thousand Men
09 - X (USA) - The Once Over Twice
10 - The Plimsouls - Oldest Story In The World
11 - Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
12 - Violent Femmes - Add It Up
13 - Cock Sparrer - Where Are They Now
14 - The Judy's - Man On A Window Ledge
15 - Droogs - Change Is Gonna come
16 - Hazel O'Connor - Decadent Days
17 - Joey Ramone and Holly Beth Vincent - I Got You Babe
18 - The Extras - Italian With An I
19 - Sunnyboys - Guts of Iron
20 - The Bangs - Call On Me


Saturday, October 17, 2009

POPPERS Vol.4 1978-80 - V/A

POPPERS Vol.4 1978-80

Fourth volume in the 8 disc set, which is a direct response to the Borack 200 list of essential PowerPop albums.

The result is a mishmash, of obvious heavy hitters and no-hit wonders, from the days when it *all* was considered punk.


01 - The Rousers - Rock'N'Roll Or Run
02 - Joe Jackson - Sunday Papers
03 - Stiv Bators - It's Cold Outside
04 - Magazine - Rhythm Of Cruelty
05 - The Trainspotters - High Rise
06 - Small Hours - The Kid
07 - 999 - Found Out Too Late
08 - Ramones - Danny Says
09 - Salford Jets - Gina
10 - Roy Loney - Born To Be Your Fool
11 - Testors - Lonely Nights
12 - The Gears - Darlin' Baby
13 - The Maroons - No Condition
14 - Lester Bangs and Birdland - Accidents Of God
15 - The Bureaucrats - Grown Up Age
16 - Purple Hearts - Nothing's Left
17 - The Soft Boys - Kingdom Of Love
18 - The Nips - Happy Song
19 - Secret V's - Waiting For The Drugs To Take Hold
20 - The Monks - Inter-City Kitty
21 - Wipers - Tragedy
22 - Forgotten Rebels - I Think Of Her
23 - Western Hysteria - Moving Target
24 - Pointed Sticks - New Ways
25 - D.L. Byron - No Romance, No Weekend, No Love


The FIENDS (Canada)

The Fiends In Scareo
1996 (Dionysus)


It's time... to blow your mind... with a creepy crawly mess of sixties-inspired fuzz'n'farfisa courtesy the Fiends, the perfect soundtrack for midnight garden raids & grave robbing expeditions...

"Formed from various garage bands (The Enigmas, The 14th Wray, The Minstrels) Vancouver, Canada's The Fiends take their cue from faves such as The Music Machine, Screaming Lord Sutch, The Kinks, The Seeds and other 60's garage bands. Even though singer Greg says that the first two albums he bought were by 80s garage bands, The Gravedigger V and The Untold Fables! The Fiends sound like they carry switch-blades instead of garage records, using fuzz guitar, Farfisa organ and snotty, sometimes blood curdling screams, evil laughter, playing tight, creepy ditties with a gore-gore theme to 'em. This is super energetic 60's trash wrapped in graphics that will appeal to any horror film fan! Anyone who has seen them live can testify to their atomic powered energy level! -Dionysus

1. Get off My Back
2. Coming Down
3. Go-Go Girl
4. Zombie the Greek
5. Blinded by Love
6. Ain't It Hard
7. Made for Me
8. Eerie Ave.
9. City of People (bonus)
10. Leave Me Alone (bonus)

Download (192 kbs, 35 Mb)

Monday, October 12, 2009

POPPERS Vol.3 1978-80 - V/A

POPPERS Vol.3 1978-80

Third volume in the 8 disc set, which is a direct response to the Borack 200 list of essential PowerPop albums.

The result is a mishmash, of obvious heavy hitters and no-hit wonders, from the days when it *all* was considered punk.


01 - Dogs - A Different Me
02 - The Scientists - Frantic Romantic
03 - The Boys - Bad Day
04 - The Nips - Nobody To Love
05 - Holly & the Italians - Tell That Girl To Shut Up
06 - Leyton Buzzards - Can't Get Used to Losing You
07 - Psycotic Pineapple - I Forgot Who I Was
08 - Testors - Time Is Mine
09 - Wipers - Mystery
10 - The KingBees - My Mistake
11 - Salford Jets - Last Bus
12 - The Soft Boys - Human Music
13 - The Beat - Work-A-Day World
14 - The Dickies - Nights In White Satin
15 - White Heat - Nervous Breakdown
16 - The Vores - Forget That Guy
17 - Chelsea - All the Downs
18 - The Tearjerkers - Murder Mystery
19 - The Rousers - Nice And Friendly People
20 - The Heaters - I Don't Like Your Face
21 - Pop Detectives - Twist
22 - Stiff Little Fingers - Barbed Wire Love
23 - The Gas - Ignore Me
24 - Joe Jackson - Got The Time
25 - Pointed Sticks - Nothing Else To Do
26 - Stiv Bators - Circumstantial Evidence
27 - U.K. Subs - She's Not There


Sunday, October 4, 2009


1994 (K)


"Rumors have it that bootleg cassettes of their early projects often trade hands in Japan and England for a week's salary...Kicking Giant composes such creative, almost visionary music in the midst of today's mass-produced indie rock that you can't help but wish them more commercial success." - Edwin Ong

"This NY Duo is all over the place. A man and a woman. They play very addictive pop at times. Then movie soundtrack type stuff. Then DNA noisy items. Hard to figure out but on the edge of some other reality. I like a lot of the songs and the mix is nice, like listening to the radio; lots of styles. I like the graphics and the direction. They may get better with age." - BdeV

"When the Pacific Northwest's underground punk music became the Western world's mainstream rock, one of the few bands to dig deeper into its bunker was Kicking Giant. The duo--guitarist/vocalist Tae Won Yu and drummer/vocalist Rachel Carns--became cult favorites in this region, playing raw, raucous live shows at venues like the X-Ray Cafe in Portland and the Capitol Theater in its hometown, Olympia, throughout the early '90s." - ALYSSA ISENSTEIN

"THIS PERFECTLY NAMED combo blows outta the K stable like a mortar. The indie label is frequently associated with more shambling, cutesy pop, and with mewling grrrl punk as well. K.G. references both, but its roots seem to extend deeper, back to late '70s Great Britain when groups like The Raincoats, The Slits, Mekons, ATV and others beat the post-Pistols tribal tom-tom loudly and lustily.

In other words, K.G. knows how to rock a three-chord progression when it wants to keep stage divers happy. And it also engages the brainier element in the audience by tossing in slightly askew melodies, trance-drone interludes, hiccupy rhythmic clatter and dissonant vocal harmonies." - Fred Mills

"The chemistry here is so even-tempered that the NY/Olympia duo have obviously contemplated their options well-beyond "love rock/punk rock/noise rock" and are making huge strides into rock-oriented compositional scores. Tae Won Yu ... combines the precise rhythm of surf-beat rhythm with a plucky melodic groove that always seems to suggest other instrumentation altogether. Rachel Carn whips up a frenzied stand-up/stripped-down beat meant for dancing and loving it." - J. Free

"From the opening guitar rev up of the title track, Kicking Giant's Tae Won Yu (guitar/vocals) makes a declaration of unadulterated indie rock. Combined with the primal-stomp drumming of Rachel Carns (played standing up à la Maureen Tucker), Alien I.D. proves just how unnecessary a bass player can be when making hook-laden indie punk-pop. What's most impressive about Kicking Giant is just how complete sounding their meager two instruments can be. From the cardigan sweater power ballad of "Drownings" to the Sonic Youth-style tone poems of "Inside out Flower and "Serrated Edge," there is never a feeling that something is missing. In fact, the addition of an excess performer, Sue P. Fox's irritating spoken work on "Town Idiot," is the only misstep on the album. The closer, "She's Real (Version)," crystallizes not only the lo-fi independent ethic of K and its founder, Calvin Johnson, but also the '60s garage pop lineage from which that sound was formed." - Joshua Glazer

Rachel Carns staples the drums.
Tae Won Yu drops the guitar.

Additional personnel:
Joanna Bronstein, Sue P. Fox (vocals); Tim Green (guitar)

1. Alien i.D.
2. Appetite
3. Dreamland Burns
4. Inside Out Flower
5. This Song
6. Drownings
7. A Blonde's Blonde
8. The Town Idiot
9. Wire
10. Lucky
11. Dubious
12. Serrated Edge
13. She's Real (Version)

Download (192 k, 61 Mb)