Monday, October 26, 2009

The FIENDS (Canada)

1998 (Dionysus)

"This record rocks! If you're thinking about getting this record then you probably know whats up and this won't let you down. If you're into bands like THE MUMMIES, BOMBORAS, MAKERS, SATELITERS and just fuzzy,LowFi, REAL ROCK! Then you'll poop your pants listing to these #'s. I'd sell my soul to see these cats live!" - NickyDaFish

"The Seeds' "Pictures and Designs"? Screamin' Lord Sutch's "Jack the Ripper"? I'm sold. These Vancouver garage-dwellers deliver the goods with tales of murder and J.D. Rebellion in the spirit of 1966. DMZ, the Lyres and the Fuzztones all receive the Vox-powered nod and some of the snottiest singing since the Makers. If you dig your garage rock drenched in reverb with a splash of tremolo then the Fiends have come for you." - Johnson Cummins

"The Fiends first came together in some garage in Canada... The Fiends, who use horror and creature movies as their "theme", has the following band members: Jason Voorhees plays the human skins (drums that is); Michael Meyers is on the bloody organs (keyboards); the Brain is on the fuzzbass (hopefully, self-explanatory); Vanishing Grog plays the Wirez & Skeleton Keys; and Greg Gory is responsible for screamin’. Along with their monikers and alter-instrumental egos, the band don themselves in costumes, makeup and pretty outlandish duds. On a musical level, expect some sinister Phantom of the Opera-like keyboards, sounds of people digging graves, twanging distorted guitars and screaming singing. Although this sounds like some GWAR-like musical nightmare, it is exactly quite the opposite. The thematic approach to their music may be ghoulish; the music resembles the psychedelic-garage sounds that popularized the west coast in the 1960s. Michael Meyer’s keyboards (I mean, bloody organs) are similar to the effects of 60s band like the ? and the Mysterians and the Strawberry Alarm Clock. While Meyers returns us to the beauty of the Farfisa organ, the fuzzy guitar work Vanishing Grog is equally reminiscent of an older more evil era." - Brian L. Knight

Two’s A Crowd
Bad Woman
No Good
Writing On The Wall
Quit Pickin’ On Me
Jack The ripper
X-Ray Eyes
Shake Thru My Heart
Just In Case you Wonder
The Lyncher (Hangs Ten)
She’s Not Broken
Pictures & Designs


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Pecos said...

Perfect fuzzy rock n roll!!! I was looking for this one for quite a while...

Obrigado! (Thanks from Brazil)