Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Greg Gory Johnson (The Fiends, The Worst) - 1968-2009 The Memorial

It was just over a year ago that Greg Gory Johnson, singer for The Fiends, and previously The Worst, suddenly fell ill and passed away suddenly. Everyone close to him was shocked and devastated.

It was the main factor in crashing this blog to a halt for the past while...

A number of radio shows paid tribute to Greg.

I'm posting three podcasts, totalling 5 hours of rare and unreleased Fiends/Worst tracks, road stories and assorted tales of his bands, as well as choice cuts from some of his favourite garage/psych artists...

A What Wave Tribute To Greg Gory (90 min)
hosted by What Wave Dave
Originally broadcast Dec. 11/2009, CHRW 94.9FM

The Downliners Crypt Tribute To Greg Gory (30 min)
hosted by Grant Shankaruk (original bassist of the Worst)
Originally broadcast Dec. 15/2009, CJSF 90.1FM

Rumbletone Radio A-Go-Go Tribute To Greg Gory (180 min)
hosted by Frank Rumbletone, with 4 generations of Fiends live in-studio, plus a surprise guest calling in...
Originally broadcast Dec. 16/2009, CITR 101.9FM