Monday, November 26, 2007


1997 (Sexcite Records)


"Four young women kicking out some classics in a ruthless garage mode. This powerful, rockin’ band’s signature is the background screaming (nearly every song). I swear, it doesn’t get better, or wilder, or crazier than this! Technically, they could be better, which only proves how totally unnecessary that would be. The whole band’s great, and there’s a definite SONICS influence in the way they pound these songs out like they own them all!

...Though it remains based in the pounding garage mode that was theirs, the growth here is exciting, and much of it is in their songwriting. This is my favorite version of ‘Inside Looking Out’, but ‘Spice Powder’ is a promise of the future this band could have had, with dancing girls in scarves and caravans rolling through your mind. This band was growing, and yet not losing any of what made them great, until they lost Akko, their singer/guitarist in ‘99, and then it was gone." Rock Of Japan

Akko--vocal & guitar
Toshie--bass & bg vocal
Oka--organ & bg vocal

1. Afro Girl Go A Go
2. Lulu & Lover’s Lover
3. How Much Is Love
4. New Orleans
5. Kitsch Girl
6. High & Low
7. Spice Powder
8. Girl Give Me Love
9. Hey Mother
10. Inside Looking Out
11. Choc Ice (Chocolate Ice)
12. Choc Ice~Mono Mix

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