Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I finally resolved ISP issues (wireless now), things should go better.
Also re-upping a deletion.
Please report any more dead links.

Many thanks once again to all of you for stopping by, and especially for
being fans of these bands... Cheers!


Robert.Johnsson said...

Love your blog with all the "Wyld" canadian Noize.
Especially "Color me Psycho" Still amaze me :)

Keep it up..and of course...welcome back from da little he he "Holiday" of yours.


Oops...Could you please Re-Up Mono Men´s "Stop Dragging Me Down" ?

Dgrador said...

Hi Robert,

MM is re-upped. I'm listening to the Punchdrunks right now. That you?

Robert.Johnsson said...

Nope..We just got the same name :)

ThX for upping the Mono Men, but i cant get that page to work, not in Firefox or IE :( I even tried without my firewall...But it's a no go.

Dunno whats wrong on my end....oh well...


Robert.Johnsson said...


I finally got it..
Had to view the ohShare's PageSource to get the proper link..cos the downloadLink never showed up :)

Thx Again !