Friday, March 23, 2007

The GORGONS (France)

1992 (DIG!)

"Thee Gorgons, a heavily 6 t’s garage punk- influenced combo, comprises of four young belgo-parisians who got it together to deliver one of the most furious muzic that Camembert-land had ever heard." - Sud-Ouest - décembre 1993

"Now, how did the JC and the gorgz met…? My memory escapes me, but as soon as they did, they became sort of unseparable…JC was undeniably the fifth Gorgon to say the least and soon decided to have them live on his radio show, as resident guests, one evening a week. It's was a mutual discovery !....." - Thee JC Pat's extraordinary adventure

"(...) Let us locate start the matter of these furious: Cramps, Stingrays, Milkshakes, Meteors. On scene they take again Headcoats, Mighty Caesars, Gun Club and on the album the "Cry cry cry" of Unrelated Segments already taken again by Cynics on their last LP. For the remainder, they are compos in the line line of the groups that they respect: direct and wild. To make all this din, they are only three, battery low guitar, plus a somewhat disturbed singer who cannot prevent himself from howling. The guitarist must adore Link Wray and Poison Ivy but also the tricks punk sixties.

Hey Little Girl

What is obvious, it is that that does not sound at any time revival (...), Gorgons are descendants of Sonics, Troggs, Milkshakes, Wampas! No the plan of career nor of blunt worship of the sixties, they like to make noise, they like to do it quickly and they like that it sounds true (...)" - Larsen n°4 - March 93

1. Hey Little Girl
2. Lovin' Man
3. Carnou's Creamed Canneloni
4. I Still Love You
5. Cry, Cry, Cry
6. I Hate You (When You're Gone)
7. (You've Got To) Understand
8. Fish Pie
9. You Don't Need Me
10. You've Changed
11. Alone
12. Wild Puss'
13. Gholio Monster (would not rip)

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Robert.Johnsson said...

Great band... T H X :)


Anonymous said...

second album here
The Gorgons - Push that spunick in!

recorded in 1993 on Vulva Records

(mp3 V0 , 79.3mo)

voili voila mon bon monsieur


Dgrador said...

Thanks for the link, always interested in a band's evolution.