Saturday, July 12, 2008

The CHOADS (Canada)

1993 (Louie Records)


"Ever heard of the Choads?
A Pre-Forbidden Dimension/ Pre-Von Zippers band, which released only a fantastic tape; a fake 60s band, really funny. One side is "Live in the 60s", but of course, isn't really!"
- Mitch Useless
(who submitted this amazing gem!)

"I was pretty fortunate to live in Calgary during what i like to call the "good" years (late eighties/early nineties), 'cuz there were a lot of cool bands playing at the time. Th' Legendary Few were the main reason i started playing in bands (along with Color Me Psycho, The Bad Housekeeping, Beyond Possession, The Ted Clark Five etc.). These were bands that understood rock and roll, and had a lot of fun doing it. Th' Legendary Few were together for a couple of years and only put out a tape called "Smokes"('cuz it looked like a pack of cigarettes!), but it's amazing! Singer Bill E. Stew went on to sing in the Coffin Nails and The Choads,who had Al(Color Me Psycho, Von Zippers) and Tomb among their ranks, and they only put out a tape called "The World Ain't Round, It's Square!" TLF's drummer Brent played in Ninth Configuration (again who also released a tape called "Vegas"-can you see a fucking pattern here?)." - venomvenom

"For those who missed the Choads in the early 90's, you missed a good thing... five-piece: keys, guitar, bass, drums and a lead singer who was a dead ringer for Fred Flintstone. " - Monkey Suit

"Not to be forgotten: Shonen Knife, Yo La Tengo, The Choads, Jesus Lizard, and all those Calgary bands who ever played a gig at the Republik... all dynamite." - Chad Saunders (former CJSW program director)

The Choads are:
Alan Wayne
Rex Greed
Claude Hopper
Bill E. Rubino
Frank Furter

1.Spit And Polish
2.Another Day Another Man
3.The Jolly Green Giant
4.Depth Charge
5.I Want Some Of That
6.Grandmas Panties
7.God Damn The Choads
9.Tiger By The Tail
11.Monkey Man
12.Hungry Man
13.Strange Rampage
14.The Wiggler
15.Keyholes Are For Peeping

Download (192 kbs, 47 Mb)


Michel LeGrisbi said...

Sweet, just found yer blog

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now but this was a big surprise. I've been looking for this since I was sent a poorly taped 2nd generation copy in the mid-ninties. Thank you so much.
As a big Tomb fan I have to ask if you have any other unreleased CMP / FD demos on your "To Post" list?
Keep up the great work!

Dgrador said...

Glad you like this little corner of the blog universe. I'll be making up my first requests post for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

This rocks. I wonder if they took the title from a song off The Savages: Live n' Wild (see Nov. 14th post at: I have no idea if it was a cover for the Savages and it does not appear on this collection by The Choads.

Anonymous said...

My assumption is they took it from Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen's song of the same name. That's much wilder! And better! And so are/were The Choads ! Amen!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Arif from Monkey Suit. Fantastic blog! My copy of the cassette was green, and came with a coupon for McDonalds and a Mad Magazine playing card.

Kevin said...

So very excited to find this, and only one year after it found its way here! I too had the tape, and have tried searching for a copy like this before (but I guess I haven't tried in the last 12 months). I did, however, have a problem. The RAR file asked for a passcode and I could only try a blank one, but this only gave me a .tmp folder with the another empty folder inside named after the album (no music files). Any pointers? Please, please help me, as I love this album! Thanks.

Dgrador said...

password for all older files on the blog is


Sociologian said...

this thing just blew my mind. Thanks so much for (re)posting it!!

Zer0_II said...

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Curty Ray said...

Thanks for all your great posts! I have just added you to my blogroll

Curty Ray

srcstcbstrd said...

Thanks. Keep up the good work on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Calistan truly did rock well. I was there between '89 and '93. Huffed Choad at the Night Gallery. They were waaay better than, say, Big Bang Theory. And whatever happened to the Ted Clark Five?

I miss the Ship.

Anonymous said...

The singer if the Choadsnis actually the same fella that sand in the Legendary Few, Bill E. Stew. He was killer in the Choads. He wasn’t in Coffin Nails later, that was his brother Bob. Someone mentioned what happened to the Ted Clark Five...the singer Greg went into song in a hard rock band called Rogue Pope, and he opened and owned/ran the Night Gallery for the whole rumens ‘twas around. The guitar player Brent Cooper from the 5 went on to the Gravity athugs and then later Huevos Rancheros and the Ramblin Ambassodors. The bass player Tom from the 5 was also in the Thugs and later joined Huevos when the original bass player Theevster ( Me) left the band in ‘95. BT he drummer in the 5 went into join the Quitters.

Also I believe The Choads firmed shortly after FD and TOMB was in the CHoads also.