Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The SPITFIRES (Canada)

1998 (Sonic Swirl)


"High energy garage rock'n'roll from Vancouver group, THE SPITFIRES, whose numerous recordings have been released on Junk Records, Estrus, Sonic Swirl, Tee Pee, Rockin' Bones and Twenty Stone Baltt...
Weaned on cheap beer and the likes of the Dead Boys, reviews compare them to the Hives on the one hand, saying that both are "peddling the same wired rock'n'roll", and even going so far as to claim that the new album "eclipses anything the Hives have done, being that extra bit sharper and on the money". At the same time other reviewers state that this band is what you get "if AC/DC retained the killer riffs and power they somehow lost with the death of Bon Scott and then fused it with punk energy". Another review said, "F-ck groupies, blow and tour buses - for bands like the Spitfires rock'n'roll is more about broken bottles, skull-splitting hangovers and enough swagger to impress 1970s-era Keith Richards." Sounds good to me! "
Bomp List Archives

01 Social Club
02 Bringin' Me Down
03 Goin' Up For The Downfall
04 Gotta Go
05 Go On Girl
06 Hit-n-Run
07 Drop Kick Me Jesus
08 High Test Sucka
09 In Your Underwear
10 Little Girl
11 Brand New Wave

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Anonymous said...

*I love this band! There record on the Junk records label is fantastic. I'd love to hear this one, but the link isn't working.

Dgrador said...

It is now.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thank you. This kicks ass.

Anonymous said...


Franco JR said...


Anonymous said...

re-up? please?

Anonymous said...

this is kind of off topic, but would you happen to have a copy of G.I by the germs?

Anonymous said...

this album is great. their new record will be out this fall on my label (Yeah Right!)
Also, bassist CC Voltage has just released his first solo album "A Touch Of Class... Just A Touch" Less garagey than this album, but definitely worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite albums. Saw them in concert last year or so. They did Social Club as the encore. It ruled. Wish they had done some other songs off this one. Three is even better. Wish the other efforts were close.