Saturday, August 22, 2009


120 Moosing Sixties Garage Ravers
2005 (BossHoss)


Hey kids! How many times has this happened to you: you find yourself replaying your copy of Nuggets for the umpteenth time and thinking, “Gosh, I sure wish someone would put together another kick-ass compilation like this, but this time featuring Canadian bands”. Well, those days are over, my friends. Feast your ears on Wyld Canada..." -

Posted With all due respect, thanks, and a tip o' the cap to BossHoss.

vol. 1 - Crazy Things
01 - Ugly Ducklings - Nothin'
02 - King Bees - Little Girl
03 - Satan & The D Men - She'll Lie
04 - Those Rogues - Girl
05 - Munks - Long Time Waiting
06 - Thee Deuces - Hung Up On You
07 - A Passing Fancy - I'm Losing Tonight
08 - Chessmen - Love Didn't Die
09 - Great Scots - Ball And Chain
10 - Guess Who - It's My Pride
11 - Jury - Who Dat
12 - Haunted - Eight O'clock This Morning
13 - Free-For-All - Show Me The Way
14 - Don Norman & The Other 4 - Low Man
15 - Checkerlads - Baby Send For Me
16 - Nocturnals - Because You're Gone
17 - M.G. & The Escorts - A Someday Fool
18 - Midnight Angels - I'm Sufferin'
19 - Luke & The Apostles - Been Burnt
20 - Quid - Crazy Things
21 - One Way Street - I See The Light
22 - Skaliwags - Turn Him Down
23 - King Beezz - Now
24 - Secrets - Cryin' Over Her
25 - Shondels - Don't Put Me Down
26 - Ragged Edges - Why Don't You
27 - Witness Inc. - Not You Girl
28 - Painted Ship - And She Said Yes
29 - Underworld - Go Away
30 - Liverpool Set - Seventeen Tears To The End

vol. 2 - Shake Yourself Down
01 - Media - Girl I Want You
02 - Painted Ship - Frustration
03 - Thee Deuces - You Gotta Try
04 - Great Scots - The Light Hurts My Eyes
05 - Jaybees - I'm A Loner
06 - Ardels - Piece Of Jewellery
07 - Jury - Please Forget Her
08 - Heart - Treat Me Bad
09 - Guess Who - Baby Feeling
10 - Esquires - It's A Dirty Shame
11 - Deverons - She's Your Lover
12 - Haunted - 1-2-5
13 - Checkerlads - Shake Yourself Down
14 - Threads Of Fybre - Mama
15 - Tom Northcott Trio - Just Don't
16 - Mike Jones Group - Funny Feeling
17 - King Beezz - I Can't Explain
18 - Shags - Smiling Fenceposts
19 - Last Words - She'll Know How
20 - Skaliwags - 365 Days A Year
21 - Ugly Ducklings - She Ain't No Use To Me
22 - Stitch In Tyme - Point Of View
23 - Rockatones - Bad Girl
24 - Royal Family - Solitude
25 - Eyes Of Dawn - Ignorance And Hardship
26 - Pacers - I Want You Back
27 - Brian Redmond & The Soundbox - I Want You
28 - Ritchie Knight & The Mid-Knights - Work Song
29 - Growing Pains - I'm Doomed
30 - Northwest Company - Get Away From It All

vol. 3 - Endless Dream

1 - 409 - Born In Chicago
2 - KING BEEZZ - I Gotta Move
3 - CANADIAN SQUIRES - Leave Me Alone
4 - GUESS WHO - If You Don't Want Me
5 - GREAT SCOTS - Don't Want Your Love
6 - JOHNNY & THE CANADIANS - A Million Tears Ago
7 - HAUNTED - Mona
8 - FERRARI'S OF CANADA - (All I Ever Want Is) Girls
9 - CHARACTERS - Tell Me
10 - THREADS OF FYBRE - Believe Me
11 - MICHEL & THE FRENCH CANDIANS - 'Cause I Believe
12 - PAINTED SHIP - Little White Lies
13 - ROCKATONES - Everything's Gone Wrong
14 - LUVIN' KYND - Missy D.M.
15 - KING BEES - What's Your Name
16 - ONE WAY STREET - Tears In My Eyes
17 - UGLY DUCKLINGS - Just In Case You Wonder
18 - PURPLE HAZE - Love Is Fine
20 - GENTLE TOUCH - Visitors Parking Only
21 - MOOD - Who Do You Love
22 - FREE THINKERS - You Were Born For Me
23 - GREAT SCOTS - Give Me Lovin'
24 - LAST WORDS - The Laugh's On Me
25 - RABBLE - You Come On Too Strong
26 - MEDIA - Endless Dream
27 - KING BEEZZ - Found And Lost
28 - BOHEMIANS - I Need You Baby
29 - INFERNO 5 PLUS 1 - I Can Take It
30 - GUESS WHO - Clock On The Wall

vol. 4 - Rotten To The Core
1 - COLLECTORS - We Can Make It
3 - EYES OF DAWN - Time To Be Going
4 - GREAT SCOTS - Lost In Conversation
5 - 49th PARALLEL - You Do Things
6 - BRADFORDS - Together We Have Stayed
7 - CHANTELS - Shaggy Baggy Joe
8 - GUESS WHO - Believe Me
10 - JUST US - I Don't Love You
11 - ESQUIRES - Cry Is All I Do
12 - NORTHWEST COMPANY - Eight Hour Day
13 - MAIN LINE - Don't Wait Around
14 - KIDDS - Children In Love
15 - A PASSING FANCY - A Passing Fancy
16 - UGLY DUCKLINGS - Hey Mama (Keep Your Big Mouth Shut)
17 - STONEFIELD - Morning Hours
18 - KING BEEZZ - Gloria
19 - QUIET JUNGLE - Everything
20 - BIG TOWN BOYS - August 32nd
21 - MEDDY'S PEOPLE - Fantasy World.mp3
22 - JAY TELFER - Life, Love And The Persuit Of Happiness
23 - EXPEDITION TO EARTH - Expedition To Earth
24 - 49th PARALLEL - Citizen Freak
25 - THOSE ROGUES - Wish I Could See You Again
26 - 409 - They Say
27 - GREAT SCOTS - That's My Girl (Rotten To The Core)
28 - GROWING PAINS - Route 66
29 - ROCKATONES - For My Own
30 - POWER OF BECKETT - Lost Soul In Disillusion

Vol.1 Download (89 Mb)
Vol.2 Download (98 Mb)
Vol.3 Download (98 Mb)
Vol.4 Download (95 Mb)

UPDATE: Jim Witty, who runs the excellent Jim's Child Of The '60s blog, compiled and served up Vol. 5:

"I made this compilation after viewing your 4-volume set on your site O Canadarm! (these songs are not on the 4 volumes you have)... I also made a home made cover which I'll send as well... anyway, I hope you can use this...Let me know if you like it please." - Jim

Killer Slabs of Canadian '60s Rock!!!

Twenty-eight tracks of tripped-out psychpop, with some fast'n'noisy tunes tossed into the mix. Kind of a Boulders thang, Canuck-style.

01-One Glass For Wine-Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck
02-He's In Town-The Townsmen
03-Back Yards-The Townsmen
04-Blue, Bonnie Blue-49th Parallel
05-If This Ain't Love-The Nocturnals
06-Changing Times-Patrician-Anne
07-Message To Pretty-The Haunted
08-Tomorrow's Ship-The Sparrow
09-One Love, Your Love-J.B. & The Playboys
10-Time Waits For No One-Lords Of London
11-All Your Love-Shades Of Blond
12-To June-Willapuss Wallapuss
13-I'm Just Going To Blow My Little Mind To Bits-The Haunted
14-Leave My Woman Alone-J.B & The Playboys
15-First Train Home-Dee & The Yeomen
16-Call Up The Man-The Shadracks
17-Shaggy Baggy Joe-Les Chantels
19-You Only Live Once-The Staccatos
20-My Love Delights Me-The Collectors
21-Sparrows & Daisies-Jack London & The Sparrow
22-Corn Flakes And Ice Cream-Lords Of London
23-White room-The Guess Who
24-Shadows Cross The Shadows-The Guess Who
25-Carnivals And Cotton Candy-The Amen
26-Peter Zeus-The Amen
27-It's My Time-The Mynah Birds
28-I Know-Canadian VIP's


UPDATE #2 (Aug/09): I've added the BOSS HOSS Expansion Pack.

01 Face of Time - The Plague
02 Won't Come Down - Perpetual Motion Workshop
03 Everything - Quiet Jungle
04 Shadow Of Fear - Last Knight
05 Optical Sound - Human Expression
06 In The Building - Sixpence
07 World Of Tears - Children Of The Night
08 You Don't Remember - 20th Century Zoo
09 Yellow Listen - Scorpio Tube
10 What Good Is Up - Inexpensive Handmade Look
11 I Can See You - Starlites
12 Infiltrate Your Mind - Perpetual Motion
13 Cry With Me - Story Tellers
14 Cuttin' Grass - Caretakers Of Deception
15 Comin' Down To You - Boy Blues
16 Hold Me Baby - Strange Fate



Anonymous said...

I Am The Invisible Man.............. said...

Listening to vol. 1 right now and digging it plenty!! thanks! Cool!

Anonymous said...

magnificent comp, thanks a lot, greetings from poland

Anonymous said...

looks beautiful.... the only problem is the d/l don't work... if you fix that I'd be grateful forever!

Michael Vee - Milano

Unknown said...

Thanks for making this available, I've been trying to track this down for a while now.

Cheers, SamIam

Jacky said...

hi Dgrador,

thanks for this nice post.

if you don't mind i will put a link to your blog on mine.

keep rocking,


Anonymous said...

thanx a lot for these beauties! 41 tracks were not in my collection (of 15.000 entries, all strictly 60s), which is an eccellent result. Grazie 1000 and keep on posting the cool stuff!

hugs from Milano
Michael Vee

PS: I've just launched my blog "60s (mostly) Uncomped" w/ a selection of rare 60s tracks collected from various blogs, staring w/ a highly dancabele Mod-compimaltion. Have a look at, download the mp3s & let me know your comments!

Dgrador said...

This "box" blew my mind on first listen. Don't know how the songs get avoided even on Canadian oldies radio.

Anonymous said...

excellent all 4 voulmes..would love more if anyone has more rare Canadian 60's stuff..great work!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still downloading the stuff and haven't listened to it yet. But it seems like a job well done. I know about half of the bands. Some of them are quite well known. I'm pretty sure the some bands like The Guess Who, The Collectors & The Ugly Ducklings get some airplay not only on Canadian oldies radio stations but on any oldies radio around the world. But I never listen to the radio. American Woman by The Collectors is a huge classic and has been covered many times. A cover version by Lenny Kravitz was featured on the film American Beauty...

Son of Spam said...

Thanks for this, Dgrador. (Unfortunately, my downloads have expired after Volume I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Grrrr!)

Anyway, it's quite obvious the guy (Mikael Small, I presume?) put a lot of effort into this. I love the cover of the box as well as the covers of the individual discs!

Son of Spam said...

Having said that, I can't believe anyone would try to boycott it. Talk about petty!

Dgrador said...

The response here to WC has only been awesome. The boycott was a thread in Garagepunk's forum that discussed shares being offered for sale.

@le marquis:
You're confusing The Collectors with The Guess Who. Collectors morphed into 70's rock band Chilliwack.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled onto your site...thought this set looked interesting...d/l the first one...I was right! Great stuff...thanks so much for sharing the music.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for these gems!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm 53, and growing up in Canada I saw quite a few of these bands live when they played school dances etc. It's a great collection!

Anonymous said...

Good lord! I'm really late finding my way to this, but holy crap it's amazing. Thanks for all these and Vol. 5!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff gentlemen! Thank you so much. I've got some Canadian stuff at my website if you're interested (Sugar shoppe, Kensington Market, Mandala etc) all 192kps and download directly from my site. There's more I was going to post but my hard drive crashed and I don't know when I'll get'er going again. Let's keep Canuck music alive!


Unknown said...

Tremendous posting. Thank you. As a ex-pat Canadian, this brings back many great memories.
Couple of requests- do you have '63 Monroe's "Stinkin' Out The Joint"? Also, any live Sloan would be great.
Thanks again,

Dgrador said...

I might have a copy of the demo version of Sloan's Underwhelmed but that's it.

Check The Archives for '63 Monroe.

Anonymous said...

A tip of my touque to the ole Boss Hoss for this fantastic collection, and of course thanks to you for a great blog. I've been a Can Con Collector for many many moons & have a continuing series of Canadian goodies called "Great White North" that I have spread around the web for a few years now, if you know where to look you can find them. I'm up to Vol 50 at the moment with lots more in the can. Again a big thanks for yours & all the other's who feature Canadian Sounds on their blogs.


jimmark66 said...

I wish I could find those Great White North compilations Vinyl Junkie...(I'm the guy who made Wyld Canada that is posted here) Could you help me find any if not all of the volumes? I have a podcast show(Jim's Child Of The '60s) and use Canadian '60s artists all the time..I would appreciate it


Subcomandante Marcos said...

Great collection!!

Unknown said...

Hey VinylJunkie, I didn't even know you were still doing the Great White North. I picked up the first 44 of them and then they seemed to disappear forever.

Good News indeed!

Out In The Street said...

Thanks a ton, this is a great collection. I came across it looking for some DCT & The Shays tunes on the blogosphere after finding one of their lps and hit this jackpot.

Anonymous said...

damage not on flac like original
BOSS HOSS is the real star !!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy mid-60s Nuggets-type Garage Rock & this is a treasure trove of stuff I never got a chance to hear down here in the Great American Southwest.

Thanks & kudos for putting this together - great song selection, good job on the mastering & very pro looking artwork!

If these downloads were available in a lossless format like FLAC, this would be perfect! (hint, hint)

Anonymous said...

Great Comps. Having trouble downloading Vol 5.

GaragePunk66 said...

I stumbled upon this collection searching for The Deverons and just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on this awesome collection of songs, truly wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! These are absolutely phenominal. Fuzzy, raw, and raucous. Just the way I like it. I missed out on Jims vol 5 though. Any chance of a re-up?


Anonymous said...

hi, great blog.... i have been unable to dl this from you. Could you possibly repost it? Thanks

reservatory said...

HEY, THANKS! I'm really looking forward to this. I made my own Canadian garage comp a couple of years ago, from Tokensurfer's YouTube posts, called Wild Canada! Great minds work in concert, I guess. Hopefully your sound quality is an improvement over YT's? I think you've got most of what I chose, with the exception of Underworld's unreleased follow-up to Go Away, The Strange Experiment of Dr. Jarrod, which I can post if anybody's interested. Somebody here might also like my one-disc best (worst?) of from the Prae-Kraut series, posted (under reservatory) @ Lucky Psychic Hut. THANKS AGAIN!

Dgrador said...

@ reservatory:

Post 'em if you got 'em.

The Bomber said...

yehe...late but not that late...glad to see you re still around and kicking...yes.


Anonymous said...

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