Saturday, July 12, 2008

The CRUSADERS (Australia)

1996 (Larsen)


"Some of the things that have been thrown at this band would do the Iggy of "Metallic KO" times proud..." - The Barman

"The Crusaders are a band from Sydney that play excellent 60's fuzz. Their records are a bit hard to get unless you live in France, but they play live in Melbourne and Sydney on the odd occasion and these occasions turn out to be very odd. Don't ask them for a single because they'll give you a slice of cheese." - Jo Ward, Almost Human Fanzine

"Think hard-boiled fuzz songs with the safety catch off, spat out scatter-gun fashion and in rapid-fire time. It's ragged round the edges and delivered with a phlegmatic vocal style lifted wholesale from The Sonics and 30 other lesser-known '60s bands, in the best Lime Spiders traditions. And it's delivered by four grown men in masks and knight outfits." – The Barman

"I think the punters just got sick and tired of all those shitty little indie jerk off bands, those shallow-chested, navel gazing wankers. They just want to some rock'n'roll, have a good time and go out and get pissed at a pub and see a band that does exactly the same thing, one that doesn't worry too much about angst and depression and all the shit that no-one wants to think about anyway. People just dig rock'n'roll and we're here to please.

"That album 'Keep It Up' was recorded using the usual technique that The Crusaders employ. Substandard equipment, cheap mics, old tapes and plenty of beer, as you can hear, the product is garbage but hey, you pay peanuts you get us. It's released in France as part of the treaty between Australia and France; If they keep letting off A-Bombs in the Pacific, we keep recording. It may escalate into an invasion. If you want it you have to come to our gigs or order it or go to France." - Sir James

Stamping their custom woody fuzz pedals and letting the rhythms travel from the hips, The Crusaders have recorded this for you. If you've followed the seminal recording history of these Sydney surf/garage trolls you'd be aware that these tracks include efforts from various giveaway tapes, singles and compilations. 'Keep it Up' collects them on an equally obscure release, delivered via French label Larsen Recordz.
With animated Sonics/Scientists-like abandon their holy war is on the veil complexities that detract from the simple experience of FUN. Tracks such as 'Sabrina', 'Yeah Yeah', and 'Danger Beach' are infectious motions of energy.
Themes clasp the hedonistic and romantic. The style is blatantly derivative. The vision is simple - stain it with fuzz. A boss release from Australia's underground surf kings. - Luke Warm, Punters Club Form Guide

The Crusaders:
Sir James (g,v,hrm)
Sir Chris (g,v)
Kendall (b,v)
Sir Mick (d,v)
Sir Jason (k)

Waiting For The Day
Addicted To Fuzz
Hell Surf
Why Not Me
Danger Beach
Yeah ! Yeah !
Man With No Name
Wave To The Grave
Turns Blood Red

Download (192 Kbs, 51 Mb)



Greeting, Mike Psyche would like to know if you could re up The Crusaders. In Fuzz I Trust.

Turn on, Tune in and Psyche Out.

Mike Psyche


thanks for the re-up. boy did I ever need that. I'm good to go, till the next addiction.

Turn on Tune in and Psyche Out.

Mike Psyche

Dgrador said...

My pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one! I'm an old crusty '80s metalhead who is a neophyte when it comes to this corner of the musical universe, but I've always wanted to really delve into some underground surf/garage based on some previous flirtations. Now I'm finally getting around to it. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to do some exploring and sampling!