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1993 (Kill Rock Stars)

"Hell yeah! This is how to REALLY do it, two of the finest bands in the riot grrl genre and this is one of both bands' finest moments...Brighton avant-punkers Huggy Bear contribute one side of music (which was their first non-7" release.) and Washington based scene stalwarts Bikini Kill took the other to produce one of the scene's defining moments. Basically if you haven't heard any riot grrl music but are enjoying the current abundance of shouty punks in skirts then you really need to buy this record, I don't think I can stress it any more than this. Originally released back in 1993 when the scene was fresh and young, it's now 13 years later and I'm still just as excited about it. Real attitude, real loud guitars and real grit, none of your haircuts and trendy Hoxtonites. please turn this up very loud and most importantly ENJOY. Essential." - Boomkat

"On the strength of its legendary live shows, Bikini Kill — the archetypal riot grrrl band — was packing clubs before it even had a record out. Singer Kathleen Hanna, an American incarnation of X-Ray Spex's Poly Styrene, worked the crowd like a master preacher, singing, speechifying and switching between a little-girl voice and a full-throated howl, bringing girls to the front and attacking obnoxious guys, sometimes verbally, sometimes physically. Meanwhile, the band...bashed out passionate three-chord punk behind her; every so often, Vail would take over the mic for an even more confrontational number...
Their basic message: girls should be empowered, molesting children is bad, etc. Subtle they're not, but sometimes a two-by-four is the only prescription." - Douglas Wolk

" The band’s music wasn’t stupid, and it wasn’t like its members couldn’t play. But Bikini Kill sure as hell wasn’t subtle, either. Basically, the band...showed the world that the rage and speed of hardcore punk could be co-opted out of the hands of the meatheads.

There were female punk bands before Bikini Kill, but few that had dared to be so primal and raw, and even fewer that made gender so central to their music. Thus, the band’s sound was at once startlingly old-fashioned and revolutionary." - Anthony Ha

Bikini Kill:
Kathleen Hanna
Kathi Wilcox
Billy Karren
Tobi Vail

"When Huggy Bear's first EP came out, there was an instant buzz about the English group in the international pop underground-they were "boy/girl revolutionaries" (translation: a credible riot grrrl band with a boy singing most of the time), they covered their record packages with political manifestos that didn't make very much sense, they refused to be interviewed or photographed, they didn't reveal their actual identities and they were young and irrepressibly energetic." - Douglas Wolk

"That was the greatest thing about Huggy Bear - the argument between Niki and Chris. He shouted and she screamed - it was the sound of pure hate, the sound of two people stuck in a room getting on each others' nerves until all hell breaks loose. Huggy Bear songs were always edgy and brittle like they were going to break apart in a mess of shards." - Marceline Smith

Huggy Bear:
Chris Rawley
Jo Johnson
Jon Slade
Karen Hill
Niki Eliot

Bikini Kill - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
A1 White Boy
A2 This Is Not A Test
A3 Don't Need You
A4 Jigsaw Youth
A5 Resist Psychic Death
A6 Rebel Girl
A7 Outta Me

Huggy Bear - Our Troubled Youth
B1 Jupiter Re-Entry
B2 T-Shirt Tucked In
B3 Blow Dry
B4 Nu Song
B5 Into The Mission
B6 Hopscotch
B7 Aqua Girl Star
B8 February 14th

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