Thursday, April 24, 2008


1994 (Hell Yeah)


"Lee Joseph used to be the guy with the weird 'bowl-haircut in the Yard Trauma and he more recently played in the Outsideinside. He also owns the excellent Dionysus, Hell Yeah and Bacchus record labels that have gained a lot of respect in the garage and surf community throughout the years and more blabla..." - Dan Podakin

Cosmik: Why did you start Hell Yeah Records?

LJ: When the "garage" bands dried up and there was a lot of cool non-60s music happening in the 80s, we released some records of Dionysus didn't dig. At the same time, I'm sure that a lot of others would have liked the records but..they couldn't get past the name Dionysus cause they expected a 60s sound. Stuff like Kings Of Oblivion,Trash Can School, Dana Lynn, Lance Kaufman, Axel Grinders, later Yard Trauma... So, we decided to get a new identity for the release of these kinds of records. - Cosmik Debris Feb/96

"Meandering between feedback-heavy punk raves to near distortion-free pop gems and then finally descending into a hellish storm of electronic squeals, OI have what it takes to satisfy.

I've liked everything I've heard from the folk, and well, this is the most coherent bunch of songs they've committed to disc yet. I can hear a real band sound developing. While this does limit their scope a bit, it's probably for the best.

And don't worry about a lack of experimentation. Just flick on the title track and find yourself lost.

Perhaps the slightest bit mellower, but still light years from being mistaken for Green Day. Outsideinside is still foundering in the gutter, and I couldn't be more pleased. "
-reviewed in
Aiding and Abetting issue #52, 4/15/94

Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Lee Joseph
Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Eric Arn
Bass: Melanie Bruck
Drums and Percussion: Allen Baxendale
Produced by Geza X., Lee Joseph, and Billy Bizeau

Sky's On Fyre
Big Hero, Big Zero
Two Weeks In Twelve Hours
Crimson Witch
Non Sequitur
Wet Majik Sex Dream
You Make Me Laugh, You Make Me Die
Truth, The
Sea, The
Six Point Six

Download (192 kbs, 57 MB)


innocent76 said...

i always liked yard trauma but didn't know about this band. thanks for this one.looks promising

Rainy Day Sponge said...

This is one of the best L.Joseph releases. I just don't understand why he's changed the name of the band from Yrad Trauma to Outside Inside.
Keep up.

Dgrador said...

The only Yard trauma I've heard is from the What Wave comps. I like OI better.