Friday, April 4, 2008


- promo cassette
1997 (Cargo Records)


"I’ve tried and tried to pin it down, but you just can’t pin down FD’s sound in a word or two. It carries on the spirit of 50’s horror novelty-pop with a more twisted and subversive dynamic similarly to The Misfits. There’s a huge amount of early KISS, Alice Cooper, Stooges, and lots of late 60’s Garage Rock influence, complete with a spooky b-movie Hammond organ. Speaking of Alice, Jackson Phibes sounds just like him although he does occasionally drop down to a Johnny Cash baritone. And speaking of Cash, there’s a whole lot of Country and Rockabilly influence in their sound. Don’t think that I mean good ol’ boy “my dog died and my woman left me and I drive a big truck” country. This is tough as nails with fuzzed-out guitars, aggression and plenty of ghoulishness. Then there’s their habit of including 3 or 4 Surf Guitar instrumentals on each album. So imagine The Munsters playing theatrical Punk, Garage, Country, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, Surf type music with plenty of gallows humor and horror-obsession.

This is their third, last and, in my opinion, their best album. There’s not much Punk influence this time, but there is more Alice Cooper/Stooges/KISS type Hard Rock than you can shake a femur at. The organ keeps things nice and spooky and Phibes’ Alice-like snarls fit the music like a corpse in a coffin. (Sorry for all the bad graveyard puns, I’m in a mood.) The lyrics are very witty, sarcastic and even hilarious at times. The guitar work on this album is glorious. Phibes is a very talented guitarist and these songs are full of his self-indulgent, wailing solos and killer gothabilly licks. He’s also a very clever songwriter. In fact these songs are so well written, I have a hard time understanding why Forbidden Dimension aren’t hailed as one of the greatest Rock bands of the 90’s. Well, no I don’t actually. These guys were either far behind or way ahead of their time. Probably both." -Crypt

My Family Curse
Satan's Satellite
The Pain Parlor - Instru-mental
Bedroom Despot
House of 1000 Dolls
The Deathbird Song
Terminal Stare
Tiptoe Thru The Tombstones - Instru-mental
Venus On Wheels
A Cold & Lonely Evil
Butcher, Maker, Undertaker
Irricana Bloodbath - Instu-mental
The Devil's Generation

JACKSON PHIBES: Axes, organs, yammering
CARL PAGAN: Blood & gore
BLOODY HOLLY: Subterranean rumbling

Recorded by Dave Harrison

Download (192 Kbs, 52 Mb)


SamIam said...

I love these guys, remind me of going to B-movie matinees when I was young. I've got a slew of their CDs and they get frequent rotation.

Cheers, SamIam

Anonymous said...

Despite I already mentioned it in the "Fiends"-comments, Samiam, PLEASE give these a try, too: The Choads, Colour Me Psycho, Von Zippers. GREAT BANDS !
They are all from the big 'Forbidden Dimension-Family' and there are a LOT more bands, related to them!
GREAT people! Lovely greets to Al "Von Zipper", if he ever should read this! Time to get in touch with me!!!!
Mitch Useless

Anonymous said...

I am looking for Forbidden Dimension cds even copies. Can anyone help me out?

Anonymous said...

Hi!Can you reup this?

Anonymous said...

Thanx so much!!!

Dgrador said...

My pleasure!