Tuesday, April 22, 2008


1996 (Estrus)


"Garage rock played by psychos who wore nothing but mummy bandage over their naked bodies using instruments who didn't cost more than their clothes and sucking everything from The Sonics. THIS IS ROCK AND ROLL!!" - danelectro

"This is a classic album." - Dirk Ungawa

"Say dig you punkniks this, and lend me your ears. For ‘tis i that have been given the unfortunate task of swaying your better Judgement. To hip you to this swinging group of recking no counts, The Mummies! In the record bizz-nizz that’s got promises no more of blueswailing this, or wilderness that, I say HAH! Dig that this hairy group of hellish Nothings have pounded a bloody trail from BumF#ck Egypt, to San Francisco California, using outta this world Teenage Disaster Hell sounds emitted from the Cheapest of Thrift store instruments. Dig that in which every Mummies show was required by law to be a hard-hat wearing area, and the site condemned immediately thereafter. Dig that daring humans to withstand the onslaught and stench of the Uncooked, Gut-churning throw-up noise those masters of sloppedness call Rythem and Blues (hah!) either run screaming (like a regular L7) , or let out the honest to Gawd Skull-Skorching ugliness burn into there souls. so dig this you wiggy ones, this flaming chunk o’ wax, convulsing with sounds if 4 Ball-Blasting Mofos, and 3 times as many screw ups. Yeah, 3 times as many. It just wouldn’t be the Mummies any other way. So What have you got to say about that, Boys? “ If you Dont like What you hear, BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!!!” The Mummies rule of Thumb: “ When in doubt............Punk it out!!!!” ---Yeah!"- prof. Pap Amen-Kortex March 1990

"The first installment of yet another post-mortem batch of Mummies gems culled from the corroded corners of the wrapped ones' cavernous crapper this LP unearths the very first recordings attempted by the band recorded between the last months of 1988 and the first part of 1989 and a complete, uncut and uncensored Mummies show recorded live at the Chameleon 9/5/91 which is perhaps the best fidelity you're likely to hear from a recorded Mummies show, bootlegs be damned." - Estrus

Trent Ruane: organ
Russell Quan: drums
Maz Kattuah: bass
Larry Winther: guitar

side one are all previously unreleased recordings:
side two is live at the Chameleon 9/5/91:

1. One Potato, Two Potato
2. The House On The Hill
3. Die!
4. (They Call Me) Willie The Wild One
5. The Mummies' Theme
6. Shit
7. The Double Axe
8. Come On Up (Felix Cavaliere)
9. What A Way To Die
10. The Fly
11. Uncontrollable Urge (Devo)
12. Justine (Don Harris, Dewey Terry)
13. (My Love Is) Stronger Than Dirt
14. Skinny Minnie (B. Haley, A. "Rusty" Keefer, C. Cafra, M. Gabier)
15. One Potato, Two Potato

Download (192 kbs, 56 Mb)


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting
want more

Johnny Graveyard said...

i have this one but i thought that this record was the volume 2.
When i listen for first time The Mummies, I remained very impressed, i like very much: Track 3 die!

greetings! good work Men

Dgrador said...

This is definitely vol.1.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of re-upping this album? This is a hard one to find!

Anonymous said...

yeah that be sweet if someone could re upload!

DefChef said...

Just stumbled into your blog and found this....wow! I feel kinda weird about listening to the Mummies on anything other than vinyl, but I'll get over it...thanks for posting!