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-12" EP
1993 (Norton)


Frantic 4-pack howled by fab Flamin' Groovie shouter Roy, backed by beer n' potato chip fueled A-Bones! Recorded in San Francisco garage studio! Mighty, mighty all righty!

12" EP version of Roy/Bones single on hideous barfed up soda color wax/no cover/stamped n' numbered labels! Only 99 pressed n' sold at 1993 Garage Shock Fest!

"Norton label honchos and acute garage-slop historians, the husband-and-wife team of Billy Miller (vocals) and Miriam Linna (drums) kept the passionate torch of grimy, booze-soaked dance music burning, fueled by a fanatical homage to their forgotten heroes of the '50s and '60s and grass-roots perseverance. The A-Bones deliberately and sloppily executed their own original brand of spirited, crud-encrusted trash-rock with maniacal fury, ultimately excavating the buried remains of stone-age rock 'n' roll and creating a Frankenstein monster of wildly unmatched proportions." -Ron Bally, Tucson Weekly

"Besides being able to switch from rockabilly to garage to rhythm and blues with seemingly relative ease, the A-Bones were pretty good at getting various rockin' legends to record with 'em...
It was a particular pleasure hearing Loney and the A-Bones tackle the PEBBLES "chestnut" "Stop It Baby" again since it was not only such a good song to begin with, but because hearing Loney sing it would have only been a mad fever dream to most garage band aficionados back in 1978 and you would have to leave it to B&M to have pulled off such a wild stunt..." -Chris

Side One:
Stop It Baby
You Know What You Can Do
Side Two:
Jump Into The River
Smoke Rings

Roy Loney - lead vocals
Bruce Bennett - guitar
Marcus The Carcass - bass
Lars Espensen - tenor sax
Miriam Linna - drums
Billy Miller - backing vocals
Lance Kaufman - piano on "Jump Into The River"
Produced by Roy & The A-Bones
Recorded May 18, 1992 at Mr. Toad's, San Francisco
Mixed at Coyote Studios, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Also released as a 7-inch with this cover:

Download (192 kbs, 14 Mb)

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