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UNDERGROWTH 85 - v/a (Canada)

1985 (Undergrowth/ Collectors R.P.M.)

"The second wave of punk bands in Vancouver started to get respect and better gigs with the help of friend and No Means No manager to-this-day Laurie Mercer who worked at Collectors RPM Records, who put out the first Another Kind of Blues record and Death Sentence and, No Means No 2nd record and more as well as 2 Vancouver Compilation tapes that are very rare and awesome." - Screaming King Neil Embo

"If you go into the city, into Vancouver, you should try and score the following-
1. Any old 'I, Braineater' posters.
2. The 'Undergrowth 85' comp. cassette.
3. An 'Expo Hurts Everyone' shirt." - Cali

From Maximum Rock'n'Roll #36 (1986):

"VANCOUVER-Home of the giant Expo
86 hockey stick. We have a really healthy
scene here with an average all-ages show
bringing in about 300+ people, and
out-of-town bands sometimes raking in about
500 people. There are never any fights nt
gigs and we don't have a skinhead problem.
Local shows are usually put on by Norm
Allity or by bands. Collectors RPM record
store puts on almost all the HC shows with
touring bands, but at, fucking ridiculous
prices (usually 10-12 bucks!)...
Places booking HC arc the Edge (doing most
gigs), New York Theatre (caters to the bigger
bands, with assholes for security!), and the
UBC Sub Ballroom (occassional) . Oh yeah,
John Barley's closed its doors to punk in
November--no big loss)...

Local bands: NG3 (No Guns, No
Gov't, No God) have sadly broken up,
caspecially without any releases to remember
them by. It's rumored that singer/guitarist
Nev has a new hand In the works. Other
bands that have broken up include SOCIAL
and the FITZ. DOA are back from their tour
of Europe and North America .

DEATH SENTENCE has : released their long-awaited
EP, Not a Pretty Sight. During the summer
they added ex-FITZ drummer Jimmy on bass,
with Tim moving to guitar . This has
improved their live show and they've become
one of the most popular bands In town.

UNNATURAL SILENCE have gotten back
together after 2 years, with Ray as their new
singer. They have a sound like
ANTI-SYSTEM and CONFLICT with fucking
great music and very aware lyrics dealing
with things like animal and human
exploitation, ecology, rape, greed, etc.
They've done 6 gigs so far--a great band
gaining quick popularity!! Wicked with a
crimping iron too!

IMMORAL MINORITY are a hot 3-piece
that's been together for a while . They play
melodic thrash with really cool lyrics and
very positive attitudes . Their sound is in the
7 SECS/YOUTH BRIGADE vein and they
have a tape called Betalliation that rips! (see
MRR #29). They toured the East over the
summer and are rumored to be touring again
with DETOX, so watch for 'cm.

BILL OF RIGHTS have been gigging occasionally but
lost bassist Mike and possibly drummer Stu.
They recently put out a neat tape (Surf.
Skate Sk() which followed up on their
Meltdown 85 EP and previous single.

HOUSE OF COMMONS have been dormant
for the last year except for a tour of Canada
which got them stuck back east for a while.
Their great patriot EP may still be available.

A.K.O.B., featuring a couple of ex-H.0.C.
members, have done only 1 gig since
summer. They are highly influenced by GBH
and UK SUBS and have a 6-song EP out.

LEGION OF DOOM are a cool band
who sound a bit like S.L.F. They're
currently going through a little line-up
change and have got a really good tape out.

ACTIVE GLANDS are a fairly new band with
4 gigs to their name. But fuck are they
intense! Great stop-and-go thrash here
(reminds Inc of CHRIST ON PARADE) and
their singer Roneid has a Biafra-like stage

LITLE RATSKULLS recently won
1st prize in the Shindig finals (local band
competition). The prize is 24 hours of free
recording time, so they should be in the
studio soon . They have a cool RAMONES
meets the BUZZCOCKS meets the DICKIES

WITCHES HAMMER are probably the
only speed metal band Vancouver has, and
have a SLAYER-like sound.

UNKNOWN FIBERS haven't done a gig in a long time
(not sure what they're up to .

A.O.T. (Abortions On Toast), our very own thrash
fuck band, are going through another line-up

Some newer bands are SHATTERED
(skate), DRY HEAVE (fun, party cover
band), and LETHAL VIRUS.

Lotsa vinyl action lately.
The SPORES (garage/funny punk) have an LP called
SLOW (demolition rock)second piece of vinyl is their
Against the
Glass, LP.
(progressivepost punk) have a
really good LP out his Revolution).

(our all-female version of CRASS/POISON GIRLS)
will be featured on a couple of comps from eastern
Canada and have a demo out.

Lotsa bitchln' zines like Cheeky Rebel,
Soagscum- Brano- Generic Drivel. Death To
The Sickoids. Terminally Stupid. Piledriver,
gnd Positive Outlook (formerly Thrash Trax).

All bands: play Vancouver. Don't let the
stupid 100 ft. hockey stick scare you away.
Write me and I'll get you a gig . Think
positive, communicate, cooperate, and
support your scene and the world scene.
Later, John Tsolinas

A01 - HOUSE OF COMMONS - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
A02 - NG3 - Nuclear Death
A03 - AKOB - Pogo Blues
A04 - AKOB - 5 Finger Discount Blues
A05 - BILL OF RIGHTS - Surfrenzy
A06 - BILL OF RIGHTS - The Unknown Surfer
A07 - BAD ATTITUDE - Sinking Time
A08 - OTIS DOG - Welfare Punks
A09 - MECCA NORMAL - Are You Hungry Joe?
A10 - SHANGHAI DOG - American Desert (acoustic)
A11 - SORE HEADS - Teenage Crimewave
A12 - THE KRAUTS - America
A13 - SEXUAL INFECTIONS - Shock Therapy
A14 - ACTIVE GLANDS - It'll Be Me
A15 - IMMORAL MINORITY - No Toys For You
A16 - CELEBRITY DRUNKS - Lift Up That Dress

B01 - EMILY - Fuck The Dog
B02 - INDUSTRIAL WASTE BANNED - Thank You For The Hole In My Head
B04 - MIA - Louise
B06 - STAB 'EM IN THE ABDOMEN - Memories Of Kilgore
B07 - BELGIANIQUES - Looking At You
B08 - OMINOUS CINEMA - Stand In The Sun
B09 - A MERRY COW - Bed In The Gutter
B11 - BLOOD BBQ - I've Got YOu Babe (Sex Depression Mix)
B12 - SAM - I Am Hitler's Son

Download (256k, 180 Mb)

You can get Undergrowth '84 over at the mighty fine Model Citizen...Zero Discipline blog.


Anonymous said...

this is a great compilation
thank you
any chance to get undergrowth 84?


Dgrador said...

Just talked to a friend who has 84.
I'll get a dub posted here eventually.

Anonymous said...

Great comp. One of the few tapes I kept. Thanks for putting this up.

Anonymous said...

Great comp.

Any chance of hearing Section 8 via your blog? I had a French comp tape released in the early 90´s which featured couple of their songs but I´ve lost it somewhere.

Sulis said...

Great comp, thanks. You wouldn´t happen to have anything by the Canadian band Section 8? I heard them on some comp in the early ninties and liked it a lot. I haven´t really found any info on them.

Son of Spam said...

Thanks, dgrador! I read about this in the liners to Last Call. Always wanted to hear it.

And I ditter what anonymous asked, too!



Anonymous said...

i had a dubbed copy i used to listen to on a cassette walkman while i skateboarded back in th day...real cruddy copy it was. dropped this into my mp3 player and listening to it past 3 days...just great. thanx for posting. Emily sure stood out. Can't wait for 84 if you get to that.

from phil
port alberni b.c. canada

Dgrador said...

You can get Undergrowth '84 over at the mighty fine Model Citizen...Zero Discipline blog:

Anonymous said...

Hey, I came across this post too late and your link to Undergrowth 85 no longer works. Any chance it can be uploaded again? Thanks!