Sunday, August 10, 2008


1998 (Outpost)


"Flat Duo Jets have made the kind of record that you listen to on a crackly AM radio in your parked car on a dark '50s night. The only thing to illuminate the road is two sets of headlights and the odd cherry of a cigarette flickering at the sides. Engines rev, tires spin and a whole lot of gravel fires into the air. Beads of sweat rest on your brow to make speed demon history. The dust clears and the only thing left behind for the crowd to see is the glimmering tailpipes of two hot rods shooting off into the distance like firecrackers." - Aubrey McInnis

"If you have known the 'Jets for any length of time the first thing you will notice about Lucky Eye is the strings. Strings on a rockabilly record? Yeah, strings. What many do not, will not, realize is that Dex has a much wider range than the psychotic rockabilly cat we have grown to know and love. Dex has style. Dex has grace. Dex has it all, but has never been in a position to show it before." - bmodern

"From the start, Flat Duo Jets shows became legendary for the fierce drumming of Crow and the blazing guitar work of Dex Romweber. The image of Crow lanky and hovering over his tiny kit, staring through his stringy black mane of hair toward Dex as he looks to the ceiling, briefly, before ripping into the opening riffs of a tune etched into the setlist inside his head is indelible. This WAS the Flat Duo Jets.

What distinguished this band from other retro outfits is that the Duo Jets were not really retro at all. While their music was certainly inspired by the rock-n-roll of the 1950's, one got the feeling that nothing was calculated. There was no marketing ploy on anyone's part to capitalize on a trend or movement at the time. Dex and Crow brought the music to life with such vitality and passion that the styles did not seem antiquated in their hands. This was the genuine article." - Jeff Arndt

1. Lucky Eye (Romweber)
2. String Along (Romweber)
3. Go This Way (Romweber)
4. Virginia Surf (Romweber)
5. Dark Night (Romweber)
6. Lonley Guy (Romweber)
7. Creepin' Invention (Romweber)
8. Hustle 'N' Bustle (Romweber/Stamey)
9. Blues Wrapped Around My Head (Romweber)
10. Hot Rod Baby (Romweber)
11. New York Studio (Romweber/Stamey)
12. Sharks Flying In (Romweber)
13. Boogie Boogie (Romweber/Stamey)
14. Love Is All Around (Romweber)
15. Ludwiggin' (Romweber)
16. Rockin' Mode (Romweber)
17. California Luau (Romweber)
18. Little M (C. Smith)

Download (192 Kbs, 60 Mb)


Anonymous said...

sounds very interesting indeed ... but mediafire doesn't feel like it ("NOTICE: No servers are currently available with the requested data on them. Try again in a moment.") Which I've been doin for quite some time now - w/o success.
Maybe upload on a diff. filesharing facility?
Thanx in advance & have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a bunch, Dgrad, for the fast alternative u/l -
easyshare worked fabulously, and what a great album it is, simply excellent!
All the best to you from Berlin, Germany.

RYP said...

I agree totally with dukester! Thanks for this GEM and the Nomads too!

All the best to you from Essen, Germany.

Dgrador said...

Seeing all the FDJ/Dex on RYP's site this week, I decided to join in the fun.
I usually prefer the raw sounds, and tend not to like the big-budget polish. This album is an exception.

srcstcbstrd said...

Thank you. Looks interesting

gab said...

Thank you/Gracias