Monday, August 25, 2008


1984 (ROIR)


"If you don't like them I'll personally give you your money back. Actually, I won't, 'cause if you don't like the MC5 I don't wanna know you." - Jack Feeny

"The MC5's story is important because it's five guys from Detroit who, against all prevailing wisdom, at a time when the music business really didn't wanna know, tried to make something happen. I think there's something to be said for that. Unequivocal commitment to trying to achieve. The sense of possibility...

But we were part of a great community that was really unique. It didn't really exist anywhere else. It had to do with Detroit being a factory town, being a hard working town. This work ethic cut across to everything. The people worked hard and they wanted to see their bands play hard. It also created an openness for the cross-pollination between black music and what we did as white rockers, that didn't exist anywhere else. We had friends in P-Funk. Detroit had a kind of proletariat, utopian thing happening because everybody worked. There wasn't the class distinction that I think existed in other parts of America at the same time. I didn't realize til years later that in other cities all the white people grew up in one place and all the people of color grew up in another place. It wasn't like that in Detroit. There was room for everybody 'cause everybody had jobs and that's the real issue.

So, the cross-pollination and the influence of Motown... we all wanted to grow up and be the Motown recording band. Those were our idols. Even later in the MC5, we still did Motown covers 'cause that was the most stretched-out music happening in pop... It made more of a community- 'we're from Detroit and proud of it.' " - Wayne Kramer

"Despite all the rare mixes and original versions adduced in the notes, the only great track totally unfamiliar to this proud (and lucky) owner of the 5's three albums is a cover of Them's "I Can Only Give You Everything." The rest of the obscure stuff merely augments a superbly paced compilation. The raw songcraft and new-thing chaos of Detroit's other great protopunk band were further ahead of their time than it seemed five years ago. And drummer Dennis Thompson was a motherfucker. A MINUS" - Robert Christgau

Rob Tyner - vocals
Fred "Sonic" Smith - guitar
Wayne Kramer - guitar
Michael Davis - bass
Dennis Thompson - drums

Shakin' Street
American Ruse
Skunk (Sonically Speaking)
Tuttie Fruttie
Gotta Keep Moving
Kick Out The Jams
Sister Ann
Future Now
I Can Only Give You Everything
One Of The Guys
I Just Don't Know
Looking at You

Download (192 Kbs, 68 Mb)


DefChef said...

Wow...great post! I love that you're going back and putting up lots of the old ROIR stuff, which is waaaaay too hard to find these days. And: here's a about some Chixdiggit? They're Canadian! I love the SubPop CD, but can't find anything else...

Dgrador said...

Lemme see what I can "dig" up.

eazyrawlin said...

El hecho de encontrar mas cosas de los MC5, me alegra el corazon, en realidad lo que mas me alegra es la existencia de estos sitios, que nos permiten a quienes amamos el ROCK (esas 4 letras que tanto significan) desde un lugar en sud america encontrarnos con maravillas, que luego son difundidas desde una humilde radio en la esquina del mundo...Desde Cordoba Argentina Gracias.
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eazyrawlin said...

Desde ya tengo que agradecer el trabajo que haces en tu blog realmente fantastico, para quienes amamos el rock desde sud america, contar con estos sitios nos ayuda mucho y nos alegra el corazon, aqui no llegan estas cosas, excepto por quienes realizan la tarea de resguardar el rock en su forma mas pura, muchas de estas cosas se difunden en una humilde radio de Sud america mas exactamente desde Cordoba Argentina
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SpongeMan said...

Great cassette, still got mine, was an absolute gem at the time, no internet to search out great sites like this :-)