Tuesday, August 26, 2008


1981 (ROIR)


"Once upon a time, there was this loud music called rock'n'roll which people started to take too seriously and it became rock. Then they really fouled things up and took rock seriously and now we have horrible crap. Luckily, even years after the fact, there were a number of brave, hopeless individuals who somehow remembered that rock was supposed to be loud, fun, and crazy. One bunch of misfits was called The Dictators and even though they managed to make some of the best music of the 70s or any decade you could name, they also managed to sink into obscurity while they watched their peers and opening bands move from small clubs to arenas." - Billy Bob Hargus

"Punks before punk was cool, junk culture freaks before the rest of us realized there was such a thing as junk culture, wrestling fanatics at a time when most of America didn't even know who Andre The Giant was and the Hulkster was just a muscle-bound gleam in some pharmacist's eye - New York's Dictators were cranking out loud, hard, fast, fun, dumb and obnoxious years before a market for loud, hard, fast, fun, dumb and obnoxious even existed." - Al Muzer

"Fuck Em If They Can't Take A Joke was ROIR's third release, a sonic atomic bomb from a five-headed street monster that was the perfect bridge between the urban glam of the New York Dolls and the punk edge of the Ramones. The Dictators kicked ass and took names, a dynamic blend of white heat and solid songwriting. They were loud and obnoxious, but if you looked closely you could see that tongue planted firmly in cheek. Not too closely, though...former roadie turned lead vocalist "Handsome Dick" Manitoba prowled the stage like a rabid rhino, keeping time with Richie Teeter's thunder drums. Ross "The Boss" Funicello played blistering lead guitar while Scott "Top Ten" Kempner held the fort on rhythm and Andy/Adny Shernoff handled bass. A Dictators show was a party and a war zone at the same time, and this night was no exception." - Bill Holmes

1. Next Big Thing
2. Science Gone Too Far
3. Weekend
4. Rock And Roll Made A Man Out Of Me
5. Two-Tub Man
6. Moon Upstairs
7. Loyola
8. What Goes On
9. New York New York
10. Search And Destroy
11. Borneo Jimmy
12. Minnesota Strip

Download (192 kbs, 85 Mb)


Trustar said...


Tracked you down from a referral to my site. Nice place you got here my friend! Was not aware of so many artists that never gravitated across the border. What a find for me! Looking forward to hearing this gem. Thanks for sharing your treasurs.

Keep up the goo work up there.

Trustar Vibrations

Traitor Vic said...

Excellent Blog!

I just now stumbled upon your site and am in the middle of uploading The Dictators' "Bloodbrothers" album to The Tuna Melt. Hope you don't mind if I post a link to this post in my... well... post?

Thanks for the link in your list. I look forward to returning often.

Traitor Vic
The Tuna Melt

nick beef said...

Love the Dictators, and don't have this album yet.

Quite nice that you put this here.

Dictators Forever, Forever Dictators!!


Donut Duck said...

Very interesting page! I have a question here: would it be possible to upload something by SOME WEIRD SIN? I only know two songs from them but they are just brilliant. One song is "Brain Damage" and was also featured on an international punk compilation called "life is a joke". Any hints, et cetera are greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my friend!

Merci, mon ami!

I've always loved this tape, ever since it came out.

The Handsome One at his best!

Oh, yeah, okay. He's always at his best. He is the best. Sorry, senior's moment there. :)


Marc (Canada)

Dgrador said...

@ Donut Duck:

I can't help you with Some Weird Sin.

Nazz Nomad said...

here in Noo Yawk Citee; we know:


that's all that we need around here.

handsome Dick Manitoba for president!

Dgrador said...

Just wonderin' where one goes Surfin' in NY?

Nazz Nomad said...

one goes surfin' in new york at Rock Rock Rockaway Beach

Anonymous said...

this album is still available from ROIR in CD (and I think on LP) format.


Dgrador said...

I'm glad that ROIR has survived, but nothing beats their catalog on tape.
I was inspired enough to run a cassette label in the 90's.

ponkmedia.com - said...

Thanks! You have one of the best music blogs I've seen & i've grabbed plenty of (long out of print) stuff... just wanted to say thanks...

JOTRAK said...

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Zombs said...

hey dude

I have a request

Any album of "The Farrell Bros" (except "This Is A Riot")

any chance?

thx in advance :)

Satan said...

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toxik boys said...

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jorge said...

Thanks for your work.

DefChef said...

Hey! Wha' happen? Did Canada just melt away?!? More posts, please!

Sarah said...

great weblog!

Drunk santa said...

Hello Dgrador,

Found your blog while looking for a Canadian band called 'Rough Trade' with a female singer named Carole Pope.

I'm looking for the first record, which was recorded live to disc, and was simply titled Rough Trade.

If you, or any of your fellow viewers has a mp3 copy - there is a extra bottle of vodka waiting to be put in your stocking this Christmas ;-)

Many thanks and Cheers!

Anonymous said...

O Canadarm!

As a displaced (har!) Canadian living in Japan, I have been scouring the net for music from the west, and your blog satisfies the need.

The Dictators album is like a kick-in-the-head from the past. Thank you for making it available around the world...

Best - Noel

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Aladasian The Meerkat said...

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