Friday, May 16, 2008


2003 (BasementBoy)

"The cutesy name might imply a more sugary pop sound, but make no mistake: When Bubble starts blowin' up onstage, what you get is as gritty as it is pretty. Led by hubby-and-wife musicians Share (vocals and guitar) and Bam (drums), the band writes irresistibly tough and trashy tunes enhanced by the pink-haired singer's smoldering rasp (which goes from sounding like Joan Jett to Janis Joplin to Wendy O to Rod Stewart)." - Lina Lecaro

"I'm addicted to BUBBLE, and I invite you to join me right now." - Laurent

" Share, Bam, Luke and Brian are Bubble. Guitar, drums, bass and another guitar are Bubble's machines. One of LA's best bands promised a lot of new stuff from new CD, Chapter 7, at this performance. That they did...Strong clear hard guitars and drums. Sharp hooks and spit-out lyrics with edge and anger. Basics and fundamentals. Integrity and credentials. Dedication and delivery. (The new governor should be this good.) Textures and waa waa pedals. A nice crowd of friends, fans and peers packed in to the Dragonfly for an all too short set, barely a half hour." -

"Combining disgustingly hooky melodies, raspy vocals, loud guitars and punk attitudes, Bubble went from being an exciting unpredictable group to becoming brash, alterna/pop/punk leaders at the forefront of the new "glitter" scene." - FiveMilesHigh*

"4 killer rock'n'roll tracks, yeah! there's a few rock'n'roll bands left in the US and BUBBLE is among them, there's no doubt about that. There's been some changes in the line-up since the first album (which is sold-out now) but it didn't have a bad influence on the music. The first song 'I Hurt Myself' directly puts the listener in the atmosphere of this CD EP and those who already know the band will recognize the BUBBLE touch with the first guitar chords.If you're not familiar with the band yet, I can say that those songs are in the punky glam pop rock'n'roll vein. my favourite ones are "I Hurt Myself" and "Love Stains" but "Deadender" and "Kiss Or Kill" (which is more melodic) are good too. Well, you should get this as soon as possible!" - Laurent

Share Ross - Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards
Brian Wong - Bass and Vocals
Bam - Drums and Vocals
Luke Bossendorfer - Guitar and Vocals

1. I Hurt Myself
2. Deadender
3. Kiss Or Kill
4. Love Stains

DOWNLOAD (192k, 13 Mb)

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