Monday, May 19, 2008

Die LOWLANDER (Germany)

1997? (Crauts Recordings)


"The Morlocks are dead, but Die Lowlander are their sons and are alive !!! I love them ! - Sylvain

"This is a fist directly in your fucking face. ULTRA hot german far out garage TRASH!!! With a brilliant cover of LIGHTENING BEAT MAN's "Hurt Me" and a PRETTY THINGS styled "I Got My Mojo Workin' "..." -

"Holy primitive wildness! Während auf der ganzen Welt die Mummies verehrt werden, kennt kaum jemand die um Welten besseren Lowlanders. Eine Fuzzgitarre dröhnt dir den Kopf voll, irgendwo ein Scheppern als Schlagzeug und darüber ein verzerrtes, verlangendes Schreien geschlagen zu werden, das ist "Hurt me". "Gotta go" dann im geliebten uptempo Trash-Rocknroll-Stil schlicht eine Wucht. Und "I got my mojo working": Englischer 60's R&B so aufgedreht dass selbst Teengenerate Mühe hätten dazu nur schon zu Lip-Synchen. Ein Party-Smasher der bestimmt in jedem noch so gediegenen Club ein Bild der Zerstörung hinterlässt!" - Mephisto

"Holy primitive wildness! While in the whole world the Mummies are admired, someone hardly knows the Lowlanders better around worlds. A Fuzzgitarre roars to you the head fully, somewhere a Scheppern as Schlagzeug and over it a distorted requiring crying to be struck that is “Hurt ME”. “Gotta go” then in the loved uptempo Trash Rocknroll style simply a force. And “I got my mojo working”: English 60 ' s R&B so untwisted that even the gene rate trouble it would have in addition only already to Lip Synchen. A party Smasher certainly in each still so gediegenen club the picture of the destruction leaves!" - Transgoogled from German

The Band:
Christian Lowfeld, vox
Boris Lowzovic, buzzz
Guilo Mueller, drrrms
Lutz Langelow, grrrtar
Lowland, sax
Malte, orrrgan

01 - Gimme that ( Live)
02 - Crisis
03 - In my corner
04 - Gimme that
05 - Dr.Feelgood
06 - Gentlemen prefer blondes
07 - Standing on the corner
08 - Roadrunner
09 - Goin' home
10 - Pretty quick
11 - Strychnine
12 - Bullets over Bremen
13 - Reiß dich zusammen
14 - Melanie
15 - Glory days
16 - Boris
17 - Never had a feeling before
18 - Wild baby low
19 - You gonna miss me
20 - Like no other man
21 - Girl in the pines
22 - News for you
23 - Now it's you I need
24 - Hangin' on
25 - Hurt me
26 - Low-man - Strychnine
27 - Hard lovin' man
28 - Good lookin'
29 - Stop it, baby
30 - I got my mojo workin'

Download (192 Kbs, 98 MB)


RYP said...

that must be a joke! I'm German and I've never heard of these wylde Germans from Bremen (a city at the northern coast)! ...have to go to Canada for grabbing this! ha! : )

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...


these guys are the band before "The Trashmonkeys". I'm sure you've heard of them or you've done something wrong up to now.


JimboJinx said...

same with me, ryp!

i always thought the Satelliters would be the only german neo band that actually kicks ass (as Dizzy Satellites and others passed away long tyme before)

i feel the need to contact these fellers and get them playing in our Juze in Stuttgart.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kewl!
BEFORE The Trashmonkeys (see comments before yours) means they no longer exist, so they can't play for you!
But, believe me, you REALLY missed something! Saw them on a private birthday party back in (I guess) sometime towards the end of the 90s and they KICKED balls AND asses!

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for all the great posts, but here in Brazil mediafire and megaupload do not work.
Any chances you could upload them on another hosting file service? Like or rapidshare or filesend (even with slow connection), or another one.
Thanks a lot anyway!

JimboJinx said...

MU said:

Hi Kewl!
BEFORE The Trashmonkeys (see comments before yours) means they no longer exist, so they can't play for you!

damn...thanks for the clue.
must´ve been high or something ;)

larryni said...

Whoa! This rocks.

Anonymous said...

please reup, greets from germany, great blog!!!

alex said...

never heard of this band. Can't wait. thanks for the upload.

Pete said...

Is just me or ... ?
There seems to be some faults in the rip - Melanie for instance. I know this was uploaded yonks ago, but any chance of a re-up?
Your site - which I just stumbled upon yesterday - is excellent.

Dgrador said...

Should be ok. Did you try again?

Anonymous said...

very great sound