Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The VILETONES (Canada)

1996 (Other People's Music)


"one of the most important punk bands of all time" - Lester Bangs

"Way back in the Spring of '77, in a mere two hours (utilizing a mere two-track recorder!), four guys from far-off Toronto more or less set the tone for all that was to become - albeit all-too-briefly - the phenomenon known as (N.American) punk rock.

Sure, them Ramones were already inching towards the bottom of the Billboard charts, and such pretenders-to-the-gutter as the Dead Boys and Dickies were busy tightening their Levis and chopping up their Bowie shags. But The Viletones, propelled by the fierce six strings of guitarist Freddy Pompeii and the anything-Iggy-can-cut-I-can-cut-deeper antics of vocalist Steven "Nazi Dog" Leckie, had by early 1977 already defiantly distilled their Pistol-y attack in the bars and college basements of Southern Ontario, Canada.

Fortunately for us and, yes I suppose history's sake, the 'tones had the foresight to one afternoon record their entire repertoire and its release now, two whole decades later, not only proves this band to be one of the few genuine practitioners of p-rock at the time (before the neutered pap of the Costellos and Cars took over), but demonstrates just how positively trite modern-day interpreters of this genre really, really are. To sum up then, this disc's one history lesson you certainly can - and should - slam away to. Have fun!" - Gary "Pig" Gold

Steven Leckie: vocals
Freddy Pompeii: guitars
Chris Haight: bass
Motor X: drums

post produced by :
Peter Moore and Chris Spedding

Never Feel Sad
I Hate You-Without You
Just For You
Dog Style
Screamin' Fist
I Don't Care
Little Girl
Danger Boy
Richard Speck
Swastika Girl
Rather Be With Me
Does She Jump
Won't You Let Me
Bonus Track

Download (192 Kbs, 65 MB)


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Viletones!!
Been looking hard for this record!!
Now if only you/anyone could help me out with PAGANS "Shit Street"....

Son of Spam said...

Hi Dgrador:

I'm glad to see you saw the Viletones bio I wrote for Wikipedia. This band had scant online info going for 'em (except for a mistaken and incomplete All-Music Guide bio). Unfortunately, at the time AMG's bio was also being used for Wikipedia's bio (or's the "Chicken & Egg" theory) and that bio was perpetuated throughout various sites on the internet. I got my research information from various sources and decided to hopefully set the record straight (as straight as can be, regarding the fact that I was unable to speak to the actual members).

Anyway, I had also been thinking of posting some non-Taste of Honey Viletones on my blog. I'll link to ya for the CD.

Thanks for the music (hey..some of us have got to publicize the Canuck scene...we're more than just DOA -- as mighty as they are).

Cheers, and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all music! Any chance you could Re-up this one?

Anonymous said...

Forgive my for clogging up your most recent excellent download, but I had to say that I found Deja Voodoo Cemetary:

Anonymous said...

Hey D,
do you want the Nailed tape from the mid 90s?
I have that ripped (though not on the computer)
some of it was repeated on the what it feels to kill cd (also the live album from 83 saturday night, sunday morning is partially on that cd as well.) i have a scratched copy of the record, but it won't be for awhile until i rip that

Dgrador said...

Yes please!!!

James said...

Cannot emphasize how great the Viletones were. I had the misfortune of losing my entire record collection a couple of years ago, and Saturday Night Sunday Morning remains my most missed record. If anyone has a copy of it they could post (or What it feels like to Kill), I’d be forever greatful.