Tuesday, May 20, 2008


1993 (Empty)


"From the great Northwest's dark side comes Sinister Six. They play hard, bluesy Garage Rock with no punches pulled. If you know anything about Seattle's underground, you know of its love of garage music and the legendary bands it's spawned (Night Kings, Fallouts, etc...)." - Empty Records

"James Burdyshaw (aka Brother James) was already a legend in the Seattle music scene by the time the Sinister Six got underway in 1992. He had been involved with the mid-'80s trio 64 Spiders, the late-'80s rock group Catbutt with members of the U-Men and Girl Trouble, as well as the short-lived, early-'90s garage outfit Yummy. Burdyshaw founded the Sinister Six with vocalist Doug White, bassist Mark Ferkingstad, and drummer Erik Hildahl. Together the new quartet found themselves under the influence of various garage band luminaries -- the most mentionable being the Sonics, who'd preceded the Sinister Six by three decades on the Northwest scene." - Stephen Howell

"The band is a veritable force of nature on the debut Outta Sight (Empty, 1993). Singer Doug White skins cats with a psychotic grin in I Hate You and Out Of My Way and boasts the howl of a wolfman in Psycho Train and Pain In My Head, songs that rarely deserve to be called "music" but that serve a high-octane dose of vibrations. Guitarist James Burdyshaw's solos are heroically repugnant: having vividissected the voodoobilly I Don't Know and stabbed to death the garage blues Backwards Funny Car, his guitar launches into the glorious distorted riff of Kill You Tonight, thereby sealing one of the few Seattle albums that deserves the title of "masterpiece"." - Piero Scaruffi

Kill You Tonight
Do You Understand
I Hate You
Psycho Train
Go Away
I Don't Know
Outta Sight!
Mother Joseph
She Starts My Motor
Out Of My Way
Black Berry Brandy
Backwards Funny Car

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Anonymous said...

Why I can not download this and other stuffs ? :(

Dgrador said...

Files are not hosted here, so you have to click through to the file host. A rightclick save, for example, will not work here.

Anonymous said...

Love the Viletones, could you please post their "Look Back In anger" EP

I Am The Invisible Man.............. said...

this album is f'n great

Anonymous said...

thank you much to share these records

Anonymous said...

hi! its me again! really great music in here! please re up! and i am looking for the album "Sinisteria"

and maybe u could get some albums by "the omens"

thx. thx for your great blog!! keep on rockin!

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Rafa Ramone said...

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