Sunday, January 20, 2008


1991 (Vancouver Record Collectors Association)

"If ever there was any doubt that Vancouver's '60s bands were the creative equals of their American counterparts, this CD should settle that issue forever. From raw punk and blue-eyed soul, to folk-rock and sublime psychedelia, all bases are covered. Highlights include Mock Duck (a silkier and more sophisticated Iron Butterfly), the Northwest Company (whose fiery guitar bursts strafed the musical landscape with Kinks-like intensity) and William Tell & the Marksmen (surely on anyone's short-list of great undiscovereds).

Mock Duck's "Do Re Mi" is a stunning original which richly deserved, like many tunes here, U.S. exposure that it never received. With its dark, time-shifting melody and ethereal organ, it had all the makings of an international hit. So did "Mary Jane" by William Tell & the Marksmen -- a finer slice of psychedelia you'd be hard pressed to find. "Hard to Cry" perfectly embodies the Northwest Company's rhythm blitzkrieg approach (circa 1967) and stands proudly beside any Yank or Brit garage punk of that era. West Coast guitar stylings à la Moby Grape or Spirit are suggested by Long Time Comin's "Paper Rose." "My New Love," by the Eternal Triangle, seems a hybrid of "Put the Clock Back on the Wall," by the E-Types, and We Five's "You Were on My Mind." English-flavored bubblegum best describes "In a Whirl" by the Look. The Collectors' "Eyes" gets a thumbs-up as a catchy folk sing-along.

Neither the Shockers nor the Silver Chalice Revue particularly impressed this reviewer, but that's a matter of taste. And while the One Way Street's offerings are middlingly strong psychedelia, the fact that their tunes mistakenly appeared on Louisiana Punk, Vol. 2 (Eva) merely confirms the obvious -- they sounded just like everybody else. Spring's "A Country Boy Named Willy" is unmistakably an early '70s tune -- it just has that countryfied-boogie feel. If you're looking for variety in your pop-music diet, you can't ask for much more than this compilation serves up. Check it out. It's definitely worth a listen." - Stansted Montfichet

Side 1
1. The Northwest Company - Hard To Cry
2. The Northwest Company - Get Away From It All
3. The Northwest Company - Eight Hour Day
4. William Tell & The Marksmen - Mary Jane
5. The Shockers - Love Is A Beautiful Thing
6. The Eternal Triangle - My New Love
7. Long Time Comin' - Paper Rose
8. Long Time Comin' - Part Of The Season

Side 2
1. The One Way Street - Listen To Me
2. The One Way Street - Tears
3. Mock Duck - Do Re Mi
4. The Look - In A Whirl
5. The Collectors - Eyes
6. The Collectors - Don't Feel Bad
7. Silver Chalice Revue - Soul Drifting
8. Spring - Country Boy Named Willy

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Geoff said...

"Country Boy Named Willy" used to get a fair amount of play on oldies stations, like CKCK in its later years. Thanks for the upload!

RYP said...

this is really faaast! Thanx a lot for the Vol 4, Dgrador!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dgrador,

thank a lot for your promply servings to my request posted at Twilightime!

How about Vol. 2....? any chance?

MichaelVee - Milano

Dgrador said...

I only have this. Maybe JimW. can help:

Bunky Boy said...

Thank you so much for this outstanding collection. It's been about 40 years since I've heard some of these songs.
Growing up in Edmonton we used to love it when the west coast bands would visit. The Collectors (aka Chilliwack), Long Time Coming and hearing Terry Frewer and Spring on the mighty 630 CHED. I look forward to more. Thanks again.

freqazoidiac said...

thanks mon..i have vol 3 on wax...this is fab.

Anonymous said...

Rideyourpony has Volume 1!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, that might be Vol 3 that rideyourpony has . . .

RYP said...

yeah, Vol 3 is my only one...

Anonymous said...

Just found Volume 2 at Cueburn.

So, Michael-Vee from Milano, if you see this, I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

William Tell and the Marksmen became The Seeds of Time about one year later (same line-up)