Thursday, January 10, 2008


2005 (Stomp And Howl)


"Raised By Wolves are an action band. All Action. Most of the time. We take some holidays off. Once in a while we call in sick. But almost all the time, we’re all action! We like Rock and Roll. Jerry Lee Lewis, Hasil Adkins, Screamin' Jay, The Mummies. We like to Fuzz it up. Heave it out.
We’re all Go." - Billy Bones

"Raised by Wolves is among the more exciting rock bands prowling the Vancouver circuit nowadays. If you haven’t seen them or at least listened to their smokin’ debut album Hot Blood, there is quite simply no goddamn excuse. I encourage you to feel ashamed. You need guidance. Let my chat with front man Billy Bones educate you. Your salvation is not yet lost.

Nerve: For the poor bastards who are unfamiliar with Raised by Wolves, please describe your music.
Billy: Well, our sound is a jumble of all the things we like, like garage and rockabilly and punk rock and basically anything that really makes you… I don’t really have the right words, but stuff that makes you want to howl, y’know? Anything that requires you to lean back before you go into… I’m into. We like really poppy, hooky kinda stuff but it’s gotta be trashy and aggressive still.

Nerve: Care to comment on the state of rock ‘n’ roll in Vancouver specifically, and Canada generally?
Billy: I think North America as a whole is pretty weak. It seems like in Japan and Europe everybody likes rock ‘n’ roll. Mind you, in Vancouver there are so many great bands. I’d say along with Montreal, it’s got the best scene as far as the bands go. It seems there are more great bands than there are people who want to go out and see great bands.

Nerve: Why do you think that is?
Billy: Maybe it’s too easy? Everything is so easy in Vancouver so maybe people don’t take full advantage. They just think there’s always going to be great shows here so they just don’t go. Places like Saskatoon have to deal with the winter and then summer and the mosquitoes. Here, you don’t have that. You’ve got guys like Frank Rumbletone who work really hard to provide low-cost shows all the time." - interview by Devon Cody

Raised By Wolves
Billy: guitar, vocals
Krista: keyboards
Marty: guitar
Monkey: bass
Steve: drums

1. I Like To Howl!
2. Outta Site!
3. Burn It All Down
4. Can't Pay My Bills
5. Flat Black
6. Get Off My Back
7. Rats Are Gonna Ride
8. I Saw You
9. She Tore Out My Heart
10. Showtime!
11. Try The Punch
12. Trash Like Me

DOWNLOAD (192 kbs, 27 Mb)


innocent76 said...

welcome back boy
missed you

Anonymous said...

The record's the most fun you can have in just 20 minutes!

Thanks for posting!

Also, i'll have to keep an eye on this album blog in the future in case you post any rare stuff like The Bloody Chicletts, Thundermug, Salvador Dream or the band who did "Weirded Out" back in 95... :)

Michael said...

OH YEAH - I have been looking for this album - Can you please reup this one. Thanks in advance.