Monday, January 7, 2008

The HIGHBALLS (Canada)


"Party hearty! A faux Mexican extravaganza from start to finish, this band is sure to knock you on your ass (if not, the tequila will) with their brand of mariachi-punk-ska-surf-Tex-Mex like you've never heard!" - Zula

"These fez wearing pseudo-Spaniards party like it's 1959. Son como mulas locas." - Red Cat

"The Highballs are lo-fi, light-hearted and lots of fun. That said, they also may have just partied their way into a an entirely new form of musical expression. My first stab at classification would go something like, "acoustic mariachi punk". The sextet have dreamt up not only a completely original style but the personas and pen names to go with it. You gotta smile along with any band that wears flowerpot fez's and has a drummer named Senor Discount. Montezuma's Revenge is a neat little disc recorded with little flourish and a lot of crazed energy.The tracks that blend surf and ska with the south 'o the border like 'Monkey' and 'Lavas Los Dientes' work best. Catch the LIVE experience if you can but don't be a sucker. These guys taunt for tequilas. I've seen it happen and it's not pretty." - Cal Koat

"The Highballs' Montezuma's Revenge hasn't left our CD player in a week. Actually, we took it out momentarily to slip in some Sly and the Family Stone . I mention this only because the two bands are so similar in spirit and coolness. Quintessential Party Bands! Of course, The Highballs are a Mexican party band -- at least as Mexican as a bunch of guys from Vancouver can get. They've got their brass section, guitar, bass, drums, banjo, and funny little hats (are they called pezes?) -- a full-on Mexican wall of sound accented with broken Spanish banter, sung in perfect rock and roll rhythm. Those of you that have seen The Highballs live know what I mean, but to really get the wit and grandiose hilarity of the lyrics, you've got to buy the album. Some of my favourite moments on the disc are Guaco's Cheech-like comments (especially in "Grasshopper"), the desperation in Puerco's voice in "Monkey" (as he tries to get rid of the monkey), the rap in "Lavas Las Dientes", and the myriad of groovy melodies that jump out of each instrument all over the place. Man, these guys are good. When you buy Montezuma's Revenge by "los hombres jovennes que no es testicularos tienen mas bajado", you are bringing the whole party home. Simply, slip the disc into your player, and prop the cover up on your mantle. You too can have a fiesta in your living room!" - Marian

The Highballs:
Puerco guitar
Guaco bass
Senor Discount drums
Manuel Labour banjo
Marco Esperanza saxophone
Jépé trumpet

01 La Pachenka
02 Juanita
03 Frio Bandelero
04 Grasshopper
05 Donde Esta El Bano
06 Monkey
07 Quiero Bi Bueno
08 Lavas Las Dientes

DOWNLOAD (192k, 58 Mb)

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Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks for this its a fantastic record I wouldn't have ever heard of except you posted it here.Great blog too, I see you've linked to my blog and Ive linked back to you , thanks for the link too
Keep up the fantastic blogging
ciao bob