Monday, January 7, 2008

The LUST-O-RAMA (Norway)

199? (BFTBCD)


"$150 for Lust-O-Rama?!? Which 45 was that?
I have all those Norwegian garage releases from the late 80s/early 90s... I think Lust-O-Rama were one of the best acts from that period, regardless of nationality. I even used to buy crappy bootleg live tapes from their fanclub, I'm sure I have them stacked away somewhere......" - pfft

"Lust-O-Rama was definitely not a pop band. We were a down'n dirty garage-punk band, which was exactly what I wanted as the Cosmic Dropouts had started to turn more and more into a hard rock act. Credit to the boys in the beginning, they were absolutely up for it and it didn't take us long to get some gigs and a single released in Germany. Soon we were off touring in Europe. Now, that's what it's all about. Playing music for people in another country who are actually showing up because they bought the records and liked the music. It was fantastic...

Virgin Records wanted to sign us at one stage, but I guess they saw no future in a garage band like us in the midst of grungemania, which today would have made every record company in the country come running with fat contracts. We did much better in central Europe and had a good and steady following there. For some odd reason we attracted quite a lot of mods at our gigs, which didn't make any sense, as we were more of a punk rock band live. It must have been our razor sharp stage outfits that did it.

Since nothing happened, the boys seemed to be satisfied with what they had already achieved and they ended up as lethargic couch potatoes. They didn't want to do anything. No touring unless it was in a luxury van, no recordings, no nothing. Shame is though, we had started working on what would be the second album and we had some fantastic things going, but I didn't have time for all the bollocks so I fired the whole band." - Arne Thelin

The Lust-O-Rama:
Arne Thelin: lead vocals, harmonica, tambourine, maraccas, screams
Erik Hovde: guitars, backing vocals
Sjur Fladager: organ
Rolf Yngve Uggen: bass, backing vocals
Bulle: drums, cymbals

01 - I want you
02 - Trasher
03 - Baby baby
04 - Yeah!
05 - The way things should be
06 - Hey hey hey
07 - Gotta be loved
08 - I'm down
09 - Been so long
10 - That's okay
11 - Again and again
12 - Candyman
13 - Night of the sadist
14 - Run from her
15 - Soapy
16 - Gloria
17 - Game of love
18 - Won't be runnin'
19 - Trip me up
20 - In and out
21 - Can't give you anything

Download (192 kbs, 73 MB)

Update: Arne contacted me shortly after I first posted this bootleg, concerned that it might actually be for sale. Turns out that this is a fan-made (artwork and all) comp of unreleased material.
Lust-O-Rama material is still available for purchase, contact info is in the comments.


Jostein said...

Anybody who is looking for a Lust-O-Rama orignal 7" or album (or some of those crappy live recordings on MC...) can get in touch with me. Still some stacked away copies of the releases available.

Pure Lust Productions, Norway
Doktor Mongo


Anonymous said...

The download link isn't working. Is it possible to fix this?

Also, I would very much like some more information about this Lust-O-Rama-release. If anyone out there can help, you can email me at

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Fantastic stuff - thanks for sharing.