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The IMMORTAL BAEBES At The Festival Of Immortality (2002)

The IMMORTAL BAEBES At The Festival Of Immortality
2002 (bootleg)

"From their first performance, in a graveyard, England's Mediaeval Baebes have toured the world, playing everywhere from castles to fetish clubs, and enchanting audiences with their unique blend of music and sensuality.
But for this performance, they went so far as to give up their mortal lives..." Crimson Mink, EVEtv

"We're going to be doing something or having something done to us that's never happened before. It's never been done to us and I don't know if it's ever been done to anybody else... I really wouldn't like to say." - Rachel Van Asch, Mediaeval Baebes

"...a crew of vampires crept onstage, did a Dracula on the ladies and led them off in a trance. It seemed to be just what they needed, because when they returned as “The Immortal Baebes,” their performance was driven by a dark magic...the addition of electric guitar, bass, cello and keyboards made the Baebes and their material fly, Best of all was a hypnotic, power-packed Taiko drummer on a riser high above the stage." - PENELOPE MULLIGAN

Recorded NOV.15 2002,
Vancouver Canada

The Immortal Baebes:

Katharine Blake

Teresa "T.C." Casella

Audrey Evans

Marie Findley

Emily Ovenden

Claire Ravel

Cylindra Sapphire

Rachel Van Asch

Dorothy Carter - Multi-Instrumentalist

Vince Johnson - Percussion

Syd Croaker - Guitar

Jason Filipchuk - Synthesizers

Byron Flad - Cello

Pete Gripp - Bass

Esme Friesen - Taiko Drum

01 Invocation
02 Miri It Is
03 When Thy Turuf Is Thy Tour
04 Erthe Upon Erthe
05 Adam Lay Ibounden
06 Circle Of The Lustful
07 How Death Comes
08 So Spricht Das Leben
09 Dringo Bell


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