Saturday, October 17, 2009

The FIENDS (Canada)

The Fiends In Scareo
1996 (Dionysus)


It's time... to blow your mind... with a creepy crawly mess of sixties-inspired fuzz'n'farfisa courtesy the Fiends, the perfect soundtrack for midnight garden raids & grave robbing expeditions...

"Formed from various garage bands (The Enigmas, The 14th Wray, The Minstrels) Vancouver, Canada's The Fiends take their cue from faves such as The Music Machine, Screaming Lord Sutch, The Kinks, The Seeds and other 60's garage bands. Even though singer Greg says that the first two albums he bought were by 80s garage bands, The Gravedigger V and The Untold Fables! The Fiends sound like they carry switch-blades instead of garage records, using fuzz guitar, Farfisa organ and snotty, sometimes blood curdling screams, evil laughter, playing tight, creepy ditties with a gore-gore theme to 'em. This is super energetic 60's trash wrapped in graphics that will appeal to any horror film fan! Anyone who has seen them live can testify to their atomic powered energy level! -Dionysus

1. Get off My Back
2. Coming Down
3. Go-Go Girl
4. Zombie the Greek
5. Blinded by Love
6. Ain't It Hard
7. Made for Me
8. Eerie Ave.
9. City of People (bonus)
10. Leave Me Alone (bonus)

Download (192 kbs, 35 Mb)


Anonymous said...

So fucking great to see that there's someone out there diggin' exactly the same stuff like me from the other side o'the ocean. You need some stuff from "Colour Me Psycho" (Pre-Forbidden Dimension), THEE CULT GODS from Canada ? Mitch Useless

Dgrador said...

That'd be great, thanks.

SamIam said...

Thanks for this. I was a big fan of the Enigmas, so it's good to hear more in that vein.

Cheers and Happy New Year, SamIam

Grog said...

Hey, that sounds familiar! Good to see yer helping Greg keep The Fiends alive.

- "Vanishing" Grog

Dgrador said...

Pssst Grog....
The Fiends are finally recording a new album. You should come on out and sit in on a track or two.

Tio Pecos said...

Hey I just DIG the Fiends, they're crazy! but I couldn't download... maybe the link is broken.. would you mind reposting?
many thanks!

Anonymous said...


Could you please re-up the Dictators cassette?

Mine has bought the biscuit!...


Marc (Canada)

Tio Pecos said...


Trustar said...

Long live The Fiends!!!

A Fiend Fan


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm wondering...If You have the lyrics from the album In Scareo? I'm actually looking over the net, but nothing yet, also doesn't have to much information about The Fiends :/ what a shame!8[ they're a magnificent band! I adore them!!!

Dgrador said...

Contact Greg at
Fiends Myspace .
I'm sure he'll help you out.

toxik boys said...


really great one

Julien Gripp said...

the link be broken, pops.

Dgrador said...

the link be fixed, kiddo.
More coming...

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have any idea on where I could track down the Enigmas stuff?

Dgrador said...

Sorry, dav3g33k.