Thursday, September 3, 2009

POPPERS Vol.1 (1976-1978) - V/A


2009 (bootleg)

First volume in the 8 disc set, which is a direct response to the Borack 200 list of essential PowerPop albums.

I loaded in over 24,000 songs culled from these albums, the Yellow Pills and D.I.Y. series, Killed By Death, and the Bomp! comps etc. Tossed in a bunch from my own collection. Hit the shuffle button...

These are the tunes left standing at the end of it all, as filtered through Dgrador's own twisted pop sensibilities.

A few factors played a part in the final outcome:
I kept the lovey-dovey songs down to a dull roar.
1965-influenced stomps on Big Star-influenced.
Most, not all "major" product was discarded because it sounded too "rock".
And finally, a context of listenability re: track sequence, eliminating some obvious choices.

The result is a mishmash, of obvious heavy hitters and no-hit wonders, from the days when it *all* was considered punk.

Special thanks to PPC, PPL, PPO, PVAc, TZ, KBD, ModPopPunk, and all you bloggers that posted the impossible-to-find stuff that made the Borack list.

01 - The Electric Chairs - Eddie & Sheena
02 - Richard Hell & The Voidoids - New Pleasure
03 - The Flys - Love and a molotov cocktail
04 - The Diodes - red rubber ball
05 - The Vibrators - No Heart
06 - The Heartbreakers - All By Myself
07 - The Quick - Pretty Please
08 - The Zeros - Siamese Tease
09 - Television - see no evil
10 - Cock Sparrer - We Love You
11 - The 101'ers (pre-Clash Joe Strummer) - Surf City
12 - Elvis Costello - Pump it Up
13 - The Dictators - Stay With Me
14 - The Rezillos - (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
15 - Television Personalities - Where's Bill Grundy Now?
16 - 999 - Homicide
17 - The Boys (as The Yobs) - The Worm Song
18 - The Viletones - Possibilities
19 - Radio Stars - Nervous Wreck
20 - The Depressions - Don't Want Your Love
21 - Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated



Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Homemade compilations are always my favorite. I'm really looking forward to listening to this entire set. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I grew up eschewing all that "wimpy power pop/new wave" in favor of "harder" punk.

Twenty years later, though, I barely ever listen to "punk," but find that the SONGWRITING in a lot of power pop still holds up.

I recently spent some quality time with the Rhino (R.I.P.) D.I.Y. series, and then discovered the 8 volume Shake Some Action series. I haven't looked for any of the Yellow Pills series yet, but I'm really looking forward to these Poppers comps.

Thanks (to you and all the bloggers YOU thanked) for doing the hard work to put these together!