Tuesday, September 8, 2009


1988 (Other People's Music)


"I purchased this album originally in 1988, and loved it. I lost it for a time and rediscovered the album and the band and can't speak more highly of this album. From the first track to the last, it was what a good solid rockabilly album should be. Full of a strong beat, great guitar work, and lyrics that seem to speak to the listener and tell a great story. Whether that story is true or just a great rock and roll lie... who cares. The album is a must for fans of the Stray Cats, Buddy Holly, or any one who love pure rock and roll. Roll up your jeans, grease back your hair, grab you best girl and dance like mad, and the hold her real close for the slow songs. Have some fun...
Go To Town." - Mike Brown (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Tonny Kenny : vocals / guitars
Jail House Joe : bass
Don Decouchay : drums
Chris Spedding :guitars / piano

produced by : Chris Spedding

It's Saturday Night
Well, I Knocked I And Knocked
Talk To You
Long Rolling Nights
Lower Beverly
I Can't Keep My Baby In Shoes
So Much Fun
All I Need
Calling My Name
Scariest Night Of My Life
Razorback Boogie

Download (128 kbs, 35 Mb)


innocent76 said...

hey man ,nice blog you have here. i wish you all the best.

feel free to post anything you like to our blog too. become even a contributor if you want.



Dgrador said...

Wow, thanks. Ijust might take you up on that. Lost-In-Tyme is awesome!

MrQwerty said...

This is just wonderful - thanks for the introduction to this great band.

One problem - the last track in the RAR does not unarchive - it reports an unexpected end to archive. Can you post the just this last track sepearately.


djdave said...

wow! Razorbacks...!!
i have the Give A Little cd also, it's really good too.
You should post some (the)Diodes.

---> may i ask if you could repost the Gruesomes (hmmm spelling might be wrong).
thank you so much and great blog dude, Cheers!

e said...

when these guys were starting out, i saw them (or booked them myself - can't remember) at the university of western ontario in london, ontario. to promote their gig, they did a stripped down noon-hour gig in a stairwell.

later when they became popular across the country their name became synonymous with obnoxious, arrogant petulant behavior as in 'they gave me major razorback.' programmers (the wise ones who could just as easily book another mid-level act) avoided them and their decline began.

too bad really because they were a lot of fun live...

Dgrador said...

@ e:

I might know you.

MrQwerty said...

Some great material on this site, but I haven't heard one single note yet as you passsword protect the file, but don't supply the password anywhere on the site - how frustrating is that?

Can you please print the password mand put us poor buggers out of our misery?

Dgrador said...

PW on older files is ocanadarm