Thursday, September 3, 2009


1990 (Big-Rehab)


"Fine Acid-Psych which reminds on early 70s Bands like Stray.
Try: Freak Flag Express. Recommended." - alie

"Bitchin tones for rolling Paca-lolo & chillin 2" - Hairholder

"Impossible to find private pressing by this US stoner rock outfit, cannabis tokin' acid rock power trio, who perform various tributes to the weed. 'Freak Flag Express' is stunning Hendrix-like blast!" - Freak Emporium

"This picture arrived with the following note:

As a graduate of Hillsdale High School (Hillsdale Knights) in San Mateo, class of '83, and as one of the few punk rockers, I can honestly tell you that you nailed every detail of being the odd man out in a public suburban high school. Me and my friends formed our first band in 1980 (the Dangling Genitals) before any of us played an instrument. We simply assigned who would play what. I was the last to pick and was elected to be on guitar. A few months later we were making noise in the garage and changed our name to Wig Torture. We played at lunch in the "great court" of Hillsdale in 1983 and the reaction from the normal people was as described in King Dork. Our lunchtime gig a year later at San Mateo High wasn't any better." - Dr. Frank

Wig Tortüre:


a1. Mr. Hooper Is Dead
a2. Sisters and Brothers
a3. Yell Phucky Soup
a4. Freak Flag Express
a5. Ernie Fart
b1. Oz and Moses
b2. Psycho Zone
b3. Tokemaster
b4. Marijuana
b5. Mr. Sponge Man
b6. The Bastard

Download (256 k, 62 Mb)


Cy said...

I played just after your set at that San Mateo gig.. you loaned me your speaker cab cuz mine was HOMEMADE ha... I was playing with Dave Evans, Tom on drums et al... those guys were into cover songs which was kind of lame, but I did have some fun along the way... yeah, that gig really sucked hard. Aaron gave me a copy of Just Say Flow before I moved out of the Hillsborough Ghetto. I was always hearing Aaron jam over in his backyard which was a stone's throw away... Boy, he must have really pissed off the neighbors

Ellis said...

The Torture played a party at my house in Santa Cruz in the late 80's. Good Times! The only time i've had to call the cops on my own party! Long Live THE ROT!

Tobias said...

Do you still have this on MP3? I lost my copy many years ago.

You can find me here:

Chris N. said...

Anyone remember a girl who went by 'Leeza' and used to hang out with this band? She worked at Tower Records in those days. I need to talk with her!

Cool band under the right circumstances.

Thanks for posting this one - a blast from the past!


J said...

My name is Bryan Chandler, I'm a dj at KUSF 90.3 fm in San Francisco. Here is The Wig Torture interview on KUSF!
I recently created a new audio archive which streams many of the excellent and wide-ranging programs that we broadcast on KUSF. 
This is quite obviously a labor of love that takes a lot of daily effort, so I really hope you'll check out some of the shows at your pleasure. 

Here is the website:
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Thanks and best regards,

Tobias said...

Rot Fest just happened at the Hemlock in SF with Wig Tortüre and the whole lot (Natural Fonzie, Clap Band, Pirate Band, Three Stoned Men, etc.)

Dgrador said...


joseph said...

We saw you guys perform at College of San Mateo at the coffee lounge. What a show! You even made your own mosh pit on stage at the end of the show - classic! We haven't been the same since. We still get revved up singing "Marijuana". Boy, Alex is going to shit when I tell him you guys are on the internet.

Thanks for the music too!