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Fiction Romance Fast Machines
1998 (Smells Like Records)

"Careening, ultra-catchy, hook-filled lo-fi pop songs that will keep you on your feet while you listen and remain embedded in your consciousness for weeks to come." - Jesse Ashlock

"The Rondelles are a fabulous disaster. They are wonderfully crappy. The first time I saw them I almost walked out in the middle of the show. It was like seeing a bunch of high school kids. Something about their attitude and the atmosphere of the dive they were playing in made me stick it out. When I did leave, I had a copy of their latest cd clutched in my sweaty palms, with the hopping up and down and the clapping...

The Rondelles have an endearing charm that seems to be made up of equal parts naivete, youthful enthusiasm, and beginners luck. Their songs are simple and their sound is low-tech. Song subjects are typical of the genre, lots of boys behaving like louses, sock hops and county fairs...

Part of the Rondelles package is their amateurish exhuberance little bit on par with early Shonen Knife. I said "a little", so don't get carried away...

Most songs have some pieces of brilliance in them. Some of them are awkward, but not awkward enough to kill your buzz. It's like riding a rickety rollercoaster. Part of the thrill is being on the verge of derailing, and wondering if they are going to be able to pull it off. rough around the edges? Sure. Worth buying? Definitely." - Kilwag

"Only 23 minutes and 19 seconds. Ah, but what a sweet 23 minutes and 19 seconds it is! The Rondelles' Fiction Romance Fast Machines (Smells Like Records) is a short but immensely satisfying romp. Their "Sleater-Kinney meets the Shangri-Las" tunes are a curious mixture of anthemic rock & roll and bubble-gum pop featuring aggressive players who, though lacking the anger of their riot-grrrl and punk heros, infuse their songs with plinky New Wave keyboards and delectable harmonies.

The Albuquerque, N.M., natives are still in their teens: They're fresh-faced, fun-loving kids, which is what makes Fiction such a wild ride. Young 'uns, free from restraint, don't have to bother with health insurance, major disappointments in life or five-year relationships that turn to shit. Instead, they can sing gloriously about boys, boys, boys and be, at least for now, carefree. Sigh.

The "boys" include Slim, "the rebel guy from the other side," in the catchy lo-fi mania of "He's Outta Sight"; Johnny from "Drag Strip Race"; and the supercute, intellectual object of desire of "Mission Irresistible." The lyrics aren't inane but smart and clever; they don't meditate on the meaning of life or on humanity's place within the universe, but their words are entirely appropriate to chugging power chords and good-girl/bad-girl vocals. There's nothing wrong, and everything right, with singing about milkshakes.

This brings us to an obvious comparison with another teen band that likes boys. If California's the Donnas listened to more indie rock and less Kiss, they would sound like the Rondelles. The latter band is less stylish but more pure: They are a truly modern version of the garage-rock band.

The Rondelles' simple yet incredibly engaging sugar rush is practically over before it begins. But there is virtue in its quickness. Too many cookies can make you sick. And the Rondelles won't make you sick." - Anna Giuliani

The Rondelles:
bassist Yukiko Moynihan
drummer/organist Oakley Munson
singer/guitarist Juliet Swango

1. Distraction
2. Can't Stop
3. Mission: Irresistible
4. Magazine
5. Drag Strip Race
6. Fake Fight
7. Shanghai Surprise
8. Do It for Me
9. He's Outta Sight
10. Indication
11. Catastrophe

Download (160 k, 30Mb)


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Jon. said...

thanks for this!! found this bands myspace page or something a few years back and have two of their songs i found on it, but i have never run across any other material until now

Anonymous said...

great band ! i never heard anything from them , so big thanks, mate ! was it a mistake or not ..? - but the title of the tracks are wrong. But that made me hear the songs over and over - and now I am A FAN !!! again, thank you !!! cheers Trashy Tom from Hamburg PS: Do you have more of them ? just a kind question ?

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That's all I've got, sorry.

dave p. said...

great blog.any chance of 'the chickens' albums,never been able to find 'em.
thanks for the sounds

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hey, thanks for putting this up - its pretty flattering that somebody is still interested in the rondelles a decade, that makes me sound ancient! but yeah we were about 17 when we recorded that so not so much. again, thanks a bunch for writing about us, if you want more info or anything lemme know.

xoxo yukiko

Dgrador said...

Hi Yukiko,

Of course I'd like to know more. Your profile doesn't have a contact link. Email me: dgrador at hotmail.