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The DROPOUTS (Canada)

2003 (Dropouts Music)

Dark, sexy, and as morbidly seductive as a Quentin Tarantino flick, this female-fronted foursome has been breaking hearts and stealing souls with their tales of love, betrayal, revenge, and bloody demise.


2005 (Dropouts Music)

The front cover only looks innocent. A quick flip to the songlist on the back gives ample warning of what's to come: "In The Shadows", "Six Feet Under", "Suckerpunch"... With narrative imagery that's as vivid as the best film-noir classics from Blue Velvet to Chinatown, each and every tune is an erotic pulp thriller that dances with the macabre.

"Some people will call it garage-punk-rockabilly, or psychobilly, or Kill-Billy or even Jezebilly. We call it rock and roll." - The Dropouts

"So there's this band from London, Ontario you should definitely check out. And no, this isn't some street-team b.s. either. I've seen them a few times, but most recently on Saturday night and they tore the roof off.
They're called The Dropouts and they play mashed up garage-punk-rockabilly rock'n'roll stuff. I don't wanna call them psychobilly because they're not a cookie-cutter cartoon schlock band with giant hair and 500 sacred heart tattoos. They have a great, original sound and play tight as all fuck.
They have a chick lead singer whose voice is really distinctive.. Let's just say she can really sing for real. The rest of the band really knows how to play, too." - LDHBA, Groupie in Training

"A healthy combination of the Misfits and Crash Vegas, The Dropouts capitalize on their female singer. Her borderline operatic vocals are the ray of light shining through the band's dark, yet catchy riffs." - matt

The Dropouts:
Candace Beaul - vocals and organ
Corey Shipp - guitar
Chadwick Shipp - bass
John Augustine - drums

1. Painted Moonlite
2. Laid 'Em Low
3. Bored Stiff
4. Monster Bash
5. Loaded Gun
6. Loudmouth, Quiet Days
7. Horror Hotel
*. Idle But Deadly (Live Broadcast) - bonus

"This 7-song EP debut by London, Ontario's monsterbilly quartet is striking in its fusion of surf, garage and rockabilly; not simply a throwback to what other bands have done but The Dropouts instead have captured a sound they're defining on their own terms.

Corey Shipp's licks reinterpret 50s and 80s rhythms, and Candace Beaul's countryesque punk vocal sensibilities complement his guitar work better than any of the current revivalists would be able to muster. John Augustine's timely, head-bopping drumming and Chadwick Shipp's bass don't miss a single beat, and the maturity in this outfit sounds well beyond their years: there's no grandstanding or one-upmanship, just four in-sync rock and rollers giving life to an obtuse local music scene currently overrun by emo/screamo sound-a-likes.

The first six tracks are all original numbers and the energy is constant; the pace scaling down to mid-tempo for their fabulous cover of The Misfits' "Horror Hotel" which ends the record much too soon. Andy Magoffin of London's House of Miracles again does a masterful job of producing a band that allows The Dropouts to keep their own voice, and at the same time bringing out the best of each member.

Put The Dropouts in San Francisco, Austin, Texas or Chicago's underground and you would have heard of them long ago..." - Andreas Gripp, Music Director, CHRW 94.9 FM 2002-2004

1. In The Shadows
2. Six Feet Under
3. Sucker Punch
4. Don't Make A Move
5. Blissful Torture
6. Bleeding On The Sabbath
7. Murder Following
8. Fallen Crown
9. Black Dress
10. The Night The Caddy Died

"Good ol' twang-tinged, laydee fronted Rock n' Roll from Vancouver's soon to be secret lovers. If you take the honest to Garage sounds of Holly Golightly and mix them with the sultry country sensibilities of Coal and the Rawkabilly sneer of Nashville Pussy you would end up with a band that would be skipping classes with The Dropouts." - Red Cat

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brandonio said...

Thanks for turning my on to this group, they like totally rock. I'm a fan and I'm gonna make my friends fans as soon as they hear this. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Degrador,
I stopped by your blog and enjoyed looking around very much. My question is, now that I've finally found a real live Canadian music blogger (that would be you, I believe), I could use some help and or direction.

Ever since the "La Femme Nikita" TV show with Peta Wilson [shwing], I have become a big fan of the Canadian blues band, "Big Sugar". Do you have any access to any of their music or do you know of any other Canadian blogs that may be into that sort of stuff. Everyone here in the States just gives me blank stares when I ask. Big "who"?

I have found several singles and I think one album after years of searching. I would prefer complete albums of the band. It has been very frustrating, since I don't know any Canadians, O'canadarms, O'canadankles, (Are you sure you're not really Irish?) or anyone close who may be able to advise me. I would appreciate any help you can send my way, oh Great Degrador of the O'canadarms. Thank you for your time.

Dgrador said...

@ Gitbox:

My apologies for overlooking your thoughtful comment/question. I don't listen to a lot of rock-blues these days, and don't hear any mainstream radio unless it's playing at the corner store or some coffee shop/diner.
I'm aware of a few other Canadian blogs that might be able to help you.

The Wino over at
http://electricmud.blogspot.com/ tends to mine that turf somewhat.
Also check out Homercat at http://homerc.blogspot.com/ who likes to rock out as well.

There's also Blogger's own blogsearch http://blogsearch.google.com/?ui=blg which I highly recommend.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

The lead singer is what I call a Hot Pants Mama! Wooooooo Whooooo!
Gimme Some!