Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The FIENDS (Canada)

LIVE From Thunderbird Radio Hell
- FM Broadcast
2006 (bootleg)

"It's time... to blow your mind... with a creepy crawly mess of sixties-inspired fuzz'n'farfisa courtesy the Fiends, the perfect soundtrack for midnight garden raids & grave robbing expeditions..." - VOX Magazine

"Live at Thunderbird Radio Hell happens every week on CiTR 101.9 Fm in Vancouver B.C. Canada. For almost 20 years, touring and local bands have been put to tape while gigging in the staff lounge and enduring the various hosts, namely Nardwuar, Evan Symons and the more subdued current hosts (Irene, Kelly and Ben). The list of bands is impressive (especially to those mid 90's Vancouver-philes like myself): Thee Headcoats, Bum, Cub, Daddy's Hands, DB'S, Gaze, Gob, July 4th Toilet, Maow, The Spaceshits, Submission Hold, The Tonics, The Evaporators, The Smugglers and... Destroyer." - David


Greg Gory




01 - Zombies Have Feelings Too
02 - Writing On The Wall
03 - Night Of The Sadist
04 - Quit Pickin' On Me
05 - Meet The Fiends
06 - Gravedigger
07 - 2's A Crowd
08 - Shameless
09 - Jack The Ripper
10 - Bad Woman
11 - Interview Hell
12 - Night Time
13 - We've Got A Show
14 - No More
15 - Help Wanted
16 - 1 Step Closer

Download (192 Kbs, 59 Mb)
pw: ocanadarm

The Fiends are playing Friday April 13th at:
The ANZA Club
3 W. 8th Ave

Vancouver BC


Anonymous said...

how bout posting something by the wind ups?

Anonymous said...

or los disastos who were the wind ups. saw the fiends many times. cool band. how bout posting some live material by les minstrels?

Robert.Johnsson said...

Thank you for another brilliant "Fiends" post !


Anonymous said...

First of all... Thanx.
As you like Garage stuff, I recommend you the Cannibals. You can find an album on Twilightzone!