Thursday, April 5, 2007


2000 (Ki/oon Records)

"Decked out in black leather, dripping with adrenaline, and straight outta Tokyo, Guitar Wolf come out swinging with what is possibly the noisiest, fuzzed-out, garage punk ever." - Rhapsody

"Seiji, Billy, and Toru have a grasp of very loud, very fast, and very, very dirty rock that verges on the stupendous." - Brian James

"What is that horrible noise? It’s over an hour of GUITAR WOLF live, and they’re out to destroy your eardrums, and that’s just to start with! This is assembled from four different gigs, but half of it’s from their last show at CBGBs. It wasn’t their best show, and it doesn’t matter, ‘cause this band rocks! It’s recorded like you’re on the stage with ‘em. Duck! Seiji’s gonna do another lead! New songs and classics are all battered to within an inch of their lives! This is the way GUITAR WOLF was meant to be documented. You’re not gonna believe it!" - Rock of Japan

"Guitar Wolf...started out as a garage-punk trio nearly 20 years ago, and that's what they still are today. Over the course of nine albums, they've honed the already sharp sounds of punk and early rock into an even more potent din, cherry-picking everything they like from musical history (Link Wray, The Standells, The Ramones, Joan Jett) and discarding the rest.

If it's possible to imagine, Guitar Wolf are even rawer and more immediate than the forebears they're so openly honoring with the same barre-chord progressions and two-note guitar solos. Each of the group's records induces the same vaguely nauseous, clammy-palmed thrill of hearing rock 'n' roll for the first time, that sense you're coming into contact with something sexy and dangerous. The records have been mastered at the highest volume possible, meaning there's really no way to turn them down without just turning them off. Go deaf or lose out, your choice." - Jonathan Marx

Seiji “Guitar Wolf”--guitar & vocal
Toru “Drum Wolf”--drums
Billy “Bass Wolf”--bass & vocal (sadly, died March 30, 2005)

1.Okami Wakusei (Wolf Planet)
2.Jet Generation
3.All Night Buttobase!! (Roaring All Night!!)
4.Ryusei Noise (Shooting Star Noise)
5.Reizouko Zero (Refrigerator Zero)
6.Jack The Ripper
7.Wild Zero
8.Rock ‘n’ Roll Etiquette
9.Missile Me
10.Kawasaki ZII 750 Rock ‘n’ Roll
11.Summertime Blues
12.Kasei Twist (Mars Twist)
13.Too Much Junkie Business
14.Machine Gun Guitar
15.Ramen Shinya 3-ji (Ramen At 3AM)
16.Kick Out The Jams

Download (160 Kbs, 75 Mb)
pw: ocanadarm


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