Friday, February 22, 2008

Skookum Chief Powered TEENAGE ZIT ROCK ANGST (Canada) - V/A

Skookum Chief Powered TEENAGE ZIT ROCK ANGST
-LP (w/ free CD version)
1995 (Nardwuar Records)


"'Way-north-o-the-border, Nardwuar "The Human Serviette" is well known and , uhh, loved for his acutely Canadian brand of ambush journalism (conjure, if you care, Howard Stern Meets Martin Short). But out here in the civilized world, Nardwuar runs a few bands along with his own label, the latter of who've just released The Compilation Album Of The Decade So Far. Besides a real beauty assortment of garagecore and hardpop, you'll particularly dig the alternative lounge stylings of Harvey Sid Fisher, not to mention Jersey's always beatful Sit'n'Spin. And if you order today, your "SCPTZRA" LP will have a FREE CD enclosed, whereupon you can hear the Human Serviette's very own Goblins combo terrorize a local radio station for 29min 20sec." - Gary The Pig

"Nardwuar the Human Serviette has got that geek mojo working. It's all in that special voice. Gilligan meets nitrous oxide. When he ups the pitch, when he's on, ambush-interviewing a Mikhail Gorbachev or a Mickey Dolenz, he tends to get the goods.

For years Nardwuar has hosted a radio show on CITR 101.9 FM. It's a low-watt campus affair broadcasting from UBC. The affiliation has afforded him access to most anybody willing to play along with media...

When he hooks them, Nardwuar latches right into the flesh. No pat question. He knows his subjects. The arcane details, the very stuff of self-referential pop kultcha he lugs around crammed inside of his head, draw the celebs out, ready or not.

Another good thing about the mischief-maker is the fact that he happens to be a shameless promoter of place. The suffix "Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada" is stuck all over the merchandise -- like the album covers for the vinyl records with the free CDs he puts out on his own label. The skewed vagaries of this great country show up in the odd songs covered by his band or included in a compilation album like 1995's Skookum Chief-Powered (note local eatery reference imbedded in title) Teenage Zit Rock Angst. There you will hear among the not two, 12 or 26, but 19 of the best bands in the world..."
- Michael Becker

Tracklist (cd version):
1 Jaap Blonk - Deutsche Lyrik
2 Harvey Sid Fisher - Mommy
3 The Ne'er Do Wells - Knock You Out
4 Fallouts - Oi Canada
5 Platon Et Les Caves - Les Mauvais Garcons
6 Subsonics - I Love You I Kill You
7 The Tonics - Get It In Your Feet
8 Cub - She's A Sensation
9 Thee Goblins - 2 by 4
10 Timothy Leary vs Nardwuar - interview
11 Evaporators - Higgle-Ly-Piggle-Ly
12 Leather Uppers - Purple Nurple
13 New Bomb Turks - Outta My Mind
14 The Smugglers - Stop Look Listen
15 Delgados - Liquidation Girl
16 The Drags - Six & Change
17 Sit n Spin - Goodbye
18 Teengenerate w/ Joey Kline - Roadhouse
19 Eric's Trip - If You Don't Want Me
20 Nardwuar vs Beck - interview
21 Wonderful World of Joey - What Sweet Child o Mine is This
22 Paska - Intro
23 thee Goblins - On Air
24 Paska - 1234
25 bonus track - bonus track

Download (192 kbs, 99 Mb)


SamIam said...

Gotta love/hate Nardwar. I've got one of his LPs somewhere. Thanks for extending the pleasure.

Cheers, SamIam

Sociologian said...

Oh Jeebus, why oh why did I only discover this site in 2008, when half of this stuff became purged from the distribution sites? I used to use Oi Canada as the theme song to my "It Came From Canada" radio show at WXDU. If only this could be reborn!

Dgrador said...

I guess it was my turn to get hit by trolls.

B.C. Thunderthud said...

Great, Thanks, I have a really poor tape of this. So many good songs/bands. Teengenerate, Cub covering my favorite Ramones song, the Johnny Hallyday cover, the Drags doing the Pagans and that crazy christmas song. Not to mention the whole Beck "voice of your generation" bit.

Now if I can get this to download without crashing you'll have made my day.

stephanie said...

Great-I could never find this comp-so now I feel better-Thanks!
Please check out this new blog;

Dgrador said...

Thanks for the link, looks promising!

whatwave said...

Just stumbled across this site......loads o'cool stuff here!!

Dgrador said...

I'm a bit surprised that it took you so long to find it, Mr. WW, enjoy your stay!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have a Cd of a great band of canada named The Mods, titled "Twenty 2 Months"? you see about in this link:

Dgrador said...

I saw The Mods back in the day, don't have anything by them. I do believe that Model Citizen's blog (see sidebar) might have The Last Pogo album.

whatwave said...

The Mods reformed and played at least one show this past fall in Toronto...think it was for the Horseshoe anniversary show. Here's a link to a youtube video from that show.

They may look a little older but they sound just the same as back in the day....

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone that can help with a download of The Fallouts' Oi Canada? I would be eternally grateful.