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1985 (ROIR)


"Strictly speaking, there have been garage bands as long as there have been garages and rock music. But in today's rock parlance, the term refers specifically to the American suburban bands that sprang up in the mid-60's in the wake of the British invasion. Another word that was originally used to refer to these bands was ''punk,'' and by the late 60's such bands were also being called ''psychedelic,'' but the phenomenon remained the same - bands that were loud and obnoxiously bratty, banging out rhythm-and-blues and assorted pop trash in a style much influenced by the early Rolling Stones.

With the coming of the late 60's, ''rock poetry,'' and the self-conscious art-rock inspired by the Beatles' ''Sgt. Pepper'' album, garage-rock went underground. The term ''garage band'' took on derogatory connotations; it was what you called a semi- amateur band that ineptly played renditions of better bands' hits. But of course garage bands endured. Iggy and the Stooges, the late 60's band that was an important forerunner of punk rock as we now know it, was a classic garage band. And with the coming of the new punk sensibility to New York and London in the late 70's, garage-type bands like the Ramones and the Heartbreakers suddenly found themselves on the cutting edge of a new wave subculture.

In today's rock, the garage is a state of mind. Some of the bands heard on the ROIR ''Garage Sale'' sampler are suburban bands, but others are inner-city bands for whom the garage designation is a matter of influences and style. New York City's Vipers, for example, write and play contemporary pop-rock songs with stylistic roots in the mid-60's on their own first album, ''Outta the Nest'' (PVC/Jem). They also share with the Mosquitos (and many other contemporary bands) an abiding interest in pioneering 60's psychedelic bands like the 13th Floor Elevators. The ROIR cassette indicates that the present garage-band scene is really a spectrum of styles.

Above all, garage-rock is a do-it- yourself esthetic. So you want to be a rock-and-roll star? If you can make enough noise to drive your family to distraction and rattle your neighbors' windows, you're on the way. "
By ROBERT PALMER (Published: March 20, 1985, NY Times)

1. Darn Well - Mosquitos
2. Who Dat? - The Vipers
3. She Got - Gravedigger V
4. Never Too Late for Linda - The Trip
5. Beg - Boys From Nowhere
6. I Lost My World - Mystic Eyes
7. Obnoxious Girls - The Addiction
8. That's Your Problem - Tell-Tale Hearts
9. Place in My Heart - The Crickle
10. Hot Generation - The Pandoras
11. Spiders in My Sink - The Fourgiven
12. I Tell No Lies - The Shoutless
13. Read Your Mind - Cheepskates
14. Maureen - The Aromatics
15. Paint Me in a Corner - The Not Quite
16. Girls in the World - The Things
17. Cinderella - The Fuzztones
18. Walk on the Water - The Unclaimed
19. Like Ringo - Wildfang

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Thanks RYP. I'm going to try to get more of my roir tapes up, if they don't disintigrate first.

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I have this tape in the basement for some years and never get to rip it. Great post, thanks.

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Hey there, I'll just begin by grabbing this cool ROIR motherf.!

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Εxcellent!!!Cheers from Greece.Great Blog.

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Excellent!!!!Cheers from Greece.........

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This was my itroduction to this music. I think I might cry tears of joy! I've not heard this in, well , a very long time! thank you!