Thursday, September 6, 2007

DR.J's Mix - V/A


Mostly early to mid eighties NZ/Aussie punk, served up by Greg!

(In a rough chronological order)

1) Suicide 2 – Proud Scum
2) I am a Rabbit – Proud Scum
3)Lipstick – X
4)Suck Suck - X
5)Hope She's Alright – Instigators
6)Saturday Night stay at Home – The Suburban Reptiles
7)True Love - The Scavengers
8)Bride of Frankenstein- Toy Love
9)Green Walls/Pull Down The Shades – Toy Love
10)Adults and Children – The Gordons
11)Nerve Ends in the Power Lines – Nocturnal Projections
12)Difficult Days – Nocturnal Projections
13)Looking For The Sun – Childrens Hour
14)Legalized Dogs – No Tag
15)Friday Nights – Flesh D-Vice
16)Flaming Soul – Flesh D-Vice
17)Hate Hate – No Idea
18)Weep Women Weep – Sticky Filth
19)Greg's Song – Casualty
20)Astronaut- Sticky Filth
21)Johnny – Celibate Rifles
22)Balance – Massappeal

DOWNLOAD (192 kbs, 95 Mb)


Jake Thee Pope said...

Proud Scum, Scavengers and ESPECIALLY the Aussie X (who stomp all over the LA one)are essential! (How did the awesome Gordons devolve into the lameness that was Bailter Space??!) Excellent comp.

Also, wanted to thank you Canuck-to-Canuck for your compliment over at my musty little corner of the www. Added ya to my links.


Pure NZ Alt Radio said...

Cool compilation there Greg.

Hey, if you get a chance check-out my online radio station.


100% Alternative Kiwi Music = many of the bands you've included on your list.

Link thru my blog site mate.



Anonymous said...

Nice to see some really good oz/nz music here.
x were awesome live, if you like them check out feedtime (who I think are better, but thats another story.

massappeal and the celibate rifles were good too

the nz bands never saw, but i can still remeber the first time i heard the gordons on record- gobsmacked does lay justice to it.