Friday, July 27, 2007


1996 (Indica)

"Remember when Grim Skunk were just five rambunctious punks singing "Mange la marde"? Remember back when you couldn't decide if their progcore fusion was some kind of acid hangover from the '80s (or '70s) or whether it might be the most exciting concoction of the rock styles that have touched Quebec most deeply over the past 25 years? Remember when their first album was released and they were already coming off as elder statesmen of the scene? No? Well, you must've had some better cheeba than them." - Chris Yurkiw

"The drama and epic quality of prog with the ''take no prisoners'' attitude of punk--must be heard to believe." - The Rock

"Borrowing its name of a particularly strong hybrid of a certain grass, it was very natural that Grim Skunk likes to mix the styles, the cultures and the kinds. Formed in 1988, the group, inspired of the hardcore, punk and progressive, gives a first spectacle in 1989. Animated of a not very common energy, Grim Skunk likes more than all to find itself on scene and communier with his audience...

Recognized for their engagement and their political vision, the members of Grim Skunk do not hide their opinions. They openly give an opinion against wild capitalism, the abuses our leaders and the devastations caused with the environment, against the war and for the legalization of the marijuana. All that is reflected in what is most important: music." - Bande A Part

Joe Evil - Lead Vocals, organ
Franz - Lead Vocals, guitar
Alain "Ulf" Vadeboncoeur - Drums, vocals, healing djembe
Peter - lead guitar, vocals
Marc "Borris" Saint-Maurice - Slacker Bass, vocals

1.overture in e minor
3.east coast sympathy
5.self inflicted stress
6.le gouvernement songe vache
8.lord ogre
9.dead end violence
10.dope moon vibe
11.feeling severe 109
15.inner piece
16.fat al's illness

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